The Secret Sister! (Niall Horan Love Story)

Hi my name is Ashely Tomlinson (Ashley Alderslade) Aka AshBear. I'm 18 years old and have a twin brother called Louis Tomlinson Aka Loubear. I can only call him that and if anyone else does ill hit them where it hurts! (No Joke). I do Gymnastics , Dance which means I can do flips and all sorts of things. Like a NINJA really. My Brother is in a Band named One Direction. I Haven't met them as i'm a secret from media and everybody but what happenes one dinner time when Louis and his bandmates are there and she doesntwant to be known.


2. OH NO!

                                                                  Ashley's P.O.V

I woke up to my alarm and remembered LouBear was going to be here in an hour so I ran to grab a towel get in the shower and wash my hair. I jumped out and wrapped my towel around and dried my face, Put on some make up and went to put my superman belly top on with some shorts and red converses. I grabbed my phone and ran downstairs to see Niall walking through the door.

"NIALL!" I screamed ran downstairs and jumped on him so he fell to the floor.

"AshyBear can't breathe and IM HUNGRY." He says shouting i'm hungry. I get off him and he runs to the kitchen, bumps into a curly head boy.

"Whos this Niall your girlfriend." Curly Teases ( Yes I Know ITS HARRY)

"No actually curly." I say to im and do a Front handspring and kicked him in the forehead he falls down and screams like a girl. Niall high fives me and we walk to the fridge hand in hand (In a friendly way). Thats were the rest of the boys are and he opens the I grab strawberries and turn around to see Louis glaring at Niall.

"Niall you just met my sister and your all ready going out with her," He shouts. Me And Niall are laughing I was on the floor clutching my stomach. All the other boys were confused

 "LousBear We've know each other since you were formed ." I say crying and laughing at the same time.

"Wh.. how..When..? He says confused

"Well when I was hiding I jumped out the window and into the back garden , I was doing my dance and gymnastic routine and  Niall saw me and we talked and we exchanged numbers and been talking ever since, so were besties.



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