The Secret Sister! (Niall Horan Love Story)

Hi my name is Ashely Tomlinson (Ashley Alderslade) Aka AshBear. I'm 18 years old and have a twin brother called Louis Tomlinson Aka Loubear. I can only call him that and if anyone else does ill hit them where it hurts! (No Joke). I do Gymnastics , Dance which means I can do flips and all sorts of things. Like a NINJA really. My Brother is in a Band named One Direction. I Haven't met them as i'm a secret from media and everybody but what happenes one dinner time when Louis and his bandmates are there and she doesntwant to be known.



                                                                          Ashley's POV

I woke up early in the morning with a fresh smell of my favourite breakfast Pancakes. I run downstairs and shout "LOUIS GIVES ME PANCAKES WITH OREOS,"  as I run down the stairs, but I see Niall so I say "Bring them up when there ready." I ran quickly as possible up the stairs. When I enter my room I lock the door and get dressed as quick as I could I brushed my hair and did my make up  too. I then hear Louis coming up the stairs shouting "PANCAKES WITH OREOS ON TOP" I Do a double flip of my balcony and run to Luna's House as fast as I could run doing tricks on the way.

                                                                       Louis POV
I've knocked the door five times and normally after five knocks there's something wrong. I put the pancakes down and with one powerful kick the door was knocked down in seconds. I Walk in the room to see the curtains blowing from the wind and the  door to the balcony open, which is never open. I rush downstairs out of the door knowing she would be at Luna's.

                                                                 Ashley's POV

As I walk up the drive of Luna's house I  see Dominic in her front lawn. Luna Opens the door to see me and Dominic with eye to eye contact. She knew  this was going to turn out badly.  Ashley shouts "I never knew you were going out with Niall,"

"I Never knew you had feelings for Niall," She replied with a smug smile.

"No I don't ," 

Dominic replies "Obviously you do why would you react like that when you found out."

I run over to Dominic with my fist up, Luna comes running after me. She grabs hold of me just as I was about to hit her. I was to strong for Luna and as I pulled away from Luna she fell to the ground. I charge at Dominic and gave her a big punch in her jaw which Knocked her unconscious. As I  turn around I see Louis and Niall running down the road. When they got here the first thing that Louis done was give me a hug and asked if I was okay and if she hurt me.

I reply "yes I am fine and I am not hurt." he said " ok lets get you home." I saw Niall looking down at Dominic and he said to me "what have you done why have you done this." I reply "I don't want to talk about right now ok." and me and Louis ran home as it started to rain.



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