The Reality may Bite

I wrote this poem about the sensation of entering Hogwarts as a youth, about the element of surprise you may encounter! I hope you all enjoy it!!!


1. This reality may Bite

On the point of readiness,

Phone on the brink,

Wash your cereal down the sink,

Bags of tiredness,

Beneath your eyes,

Don your pyjamas for tomorrow's surprise,

As when you ready your tousled hair,

Your mother boasts more than a care,

For when she will see your uniform's state,

There shan't be more time to facilitate,

The splatters of mud from the previous year,

That streaks your shirt bold and clear,

Though when it remains after a splash of dye,

The teachers shall surely poke your eye,

With the poker, the hot coals, and the fishing rod,

If you're lucky you'll escape Professor Sod,

Who wanders the school with his revolving eye,

Makes you squeal until you cry,

Like the child that you really are,

Welcome to this new world outside the jar,

That consists of wizards, more than ten,

Rely on the witches to avoid treason,

For the horrible things I know you'll commit,

As many a child has been unable to sit,

Cos they'll fracture your coccyx,

That horrific pain,

Torture your mind until you're mundane,

With the flamboyant tips of their wands so long,

We slowly immerse in cuckoo's song,

As never- mind the headmaster,

This one's new,

A spotted gargoyle of a woman,

No better than a shrew,

For she stalks the halls,

Her heels crimson black,

Her fellow comrade wears his mac,

As her name is Umbridge,

She's a professor at that,

All her tricks concealed by the hat,

That squirms and bellows in the silent room,

Dumbledore's gone, why so soon?

As in Hogwarts you'll learn more when you look,

The secrets are concealed in the book,

Though now I don't know after the Weasley's are gone,

I am unable to continue, this rambling for long,

For now you're warned, if you hear a squeak,

It's that old Umbridge,trying to peak,

At the wax in your ears, tufts of hair by your nose,

Be warned - Don't stop for the enemy's pose!                                                                                                       


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