A twisted story about a girl's mind being torn apart as she slowly notices the person she trusts isn't the Same... A broken path to picked which evil she would endure.


2. Chapter Two


  Her house smelled like burnt honey and intense forest. I could almost get high off the scent. I sat in the black leather chair, and i felt the feel of the seat. I browsed throughout the room. A spacious living room with built-in shelving, exposed beams, and a stone fireplace. It had neutral tone sofas and chairs allow the woodwork to be sort of a focal point. Wood mantle piece held a swirled art piece over ceiling height stone fireplace surround. Close view of the fireplace area in main living room. White rug over hardwood flooring supports natural wood coffee table and twin beige ottomans. Dark wood window molding and exposed beams are visible. Here we have a close up shot of the coffee table, dark natural wood over black metal frame, with round book holder and green decorative elements. White furniture in background. “A beautiful set I took from the infleunce of Nordby Design” “It’s amazing.” “I knew you loved it, you always had an eye for this particular hopsack color” She sets a cup of hot tea in front of me, “Enjoy” she smiles. I grabbed the handle and put the rim slowly to my mouth. Suddenly, I stopped. The scent.....a familiar smell. It lured me in, and I fell in a plunder of greed. And lust. I woke out of my gaze, to see her smiling. “What?” “I was right about you.” “How so?”
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