A twisted story about a girl's mind being torn apart as she slowly notices the person she trusts isn't the Same... A broken path to picked which evil she would endure.


1. Chapter One

  I loved her. I loved the thought of her. It was a short glance in time. Dancing freely in my mother’s back yard. She smiled gazing at me so fixed on every twirl and every footstep. I knew her eyes were near, so I kept dancing.When it was over, she applauded. Her shoulders hunched over the fence as her arms hung over it. Smiling an influential smile. A deep dent on both sides of her cheeks. I always looked up to her, admired her as a God. A religion even I can’t think about worshipping. I smile back, as she complimented my dancing. “Maybe I should try singing.” “Never,”she replied. “Why not?” I laughed. “Just my own selfishness. “ And she walked away again, I watched her back as she went. It’s ironic how I wanted her to say that, but then again, I wanted her to say anything. 쇼 I walked home from school, didn’t really like riding the bus. I was tired of always having to answer stupid questions. Idiotic questions of why I look a certain way, if I’m actually a real demon, if mom screwed the devil, or if I seen my biological father murder them. I smile at how easily they are entertained. So I walked to school, and then I walk home. Strolling around thinking why my eyes are different. My left eye is sap green and the other one is sky blue. But for some reason I can’t see normally out of them. Everything is black and the people are either white,red, yellow, or green. I remember the time when my mom wasn’t ashamed to hold my hand, where everything was happy. We were at the ice cream shop, and I was excited to taste the new flavor that appeared on t.v. However, next to us there was a man red from head to toe. His hair, eyes, skin, clothes, and shoes were bright red. I was scared, he looked god-like. I tried to tell my mom, but she thought I was being racist. But the man next to us kept getting brighter and brighter. I pulled, tugged, and screamed for her attention, but she pushed me away as she talked to the cashier. Flaunting her body at him, not even knowing that I was gone. The man took me, and we stopped at the lake. He turned to me, but just when he would say something, the police took him away. Someone was lucky enough to see me. Unlike my mother, that person made me feel safe. She was that person. Ms. Silverwood, a lady I truly admired. As I walk, I tend to roam around, thinking that maybe by chance the trees may look normal. Sadly, they didn’t. I knew they were there I just couldn’t see them clearly. I gear their low whistling and I can feel their words go through my black hair. I just sighed at my troubles and kept walking. I made it to my house. I was only a few feet away, and I was already second guessing my decisions. I took a big sigh, and before I could take another step, there on the other end was Mrs. Silverwood. Her beautiful face went from a smile to a slight smirk. I-I couldn’t tell if she was happy or concerned.... “I see a little bird, that doesn’t want to go home.” I laughed, “Yeah, and I see a fox, who doesn’t want it to.” “A wise bird you are,” she looked around the area we were in. Almost as if to see if anyone saw us,”You know, I live an inch away. You can always study at my house....unless the bird is scared...” I smiled, I enjoy the games we play. These jokes of mockery was just a sweet way of symbolizing our reality.
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