The Final Task

Lisbeth Evans is a student attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry currently in her sixth year. It is finally Hogwarts' turn to host the much anticipated Triwizard Tournament. But did the Tournament go too far this year? Will it ever let students compete again after Lisbeth does the unthinkable?

As for the competition, this is the kind of fanfic where you explore the life of a character only mentioned in the original story, but never had a chance to meet. In this case, this is about the last Triwizard tournament held before the one Harry Potter competes in, although I am tweaking the timeline from the 1700's to a much later year. I'm calling this SpinOff fanfic (original, I know). Hope you enjoy it :)


3. Unbreakable

'Lisbeth Evans' she repeated in her head. 
Suddenly her throat closed and refused to breathe, her stomach gave an almighty lurch as though she had been kicked there and her heart began squeezing painfully with a terrible heat as she felt beads of sweat pooling at her skin. 
That was her name. Lisbeth went into something of a catatonic stupor. She did not register her environment, she sat completely unaware of the world around her. The only thing she saw was that piece of parchment that Dippet was holding in his wrinkly hands. Nobody clapped but the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons, who stopped when they realised they were the only ones. There was a loud ringing in Lisbeth's ears. Out of all the students in Hogwarts, she was chosen? The most unwilling candidate for the tournament who could hardly put her name into the cup without trembling.
'People have died in this tournament' was the thought that slipped into Lisbeth's head. 
Finally the staff members of Hogwarts began to clap and one by one Gryffindor house joined in, finding a silver lining in Lisbeth. That at least she was in Gryffindor house and not Slytherin which had competitors for the last three tournaments in a row. 
"Miss Evans please make your way to the trophy room" Dippet repeated for the third time. The ringing continued. 
Lisbeth was shaken from her state (literally) by Emilia who helped her stand up as she could not do it on her own. Lisbeth made her way down to the trophy room in a daze, trying to calm herself by taking deep breaths.
'I could morph into a teacher and go home' she thought 'nobody would know it was me...' 
Just as Lisbeth was about to turn around and break into a run, she felt a hand on her shoulder. 
"Stay calm, Miss Evans. It would be unwise to leave in such a moment of glory. Please, this way." Said Dippet quietly. 
Lisbeth let Dippet steer her into the trophy room. In there the Durmstrang boy Danyil was looking at some quidditch trophies and the Beauxbatons girl Jeanette was sitting on a chair with her legs shaking from all the adrenalin coursing through her body. They both looked up and down at Lisbeth and frowned slightly in confusion. Into the room came the Head of Department of International Magical Cooperation Perceval Blott, a tall thin man with balding hair and an almost comic pencil moustache. Following him, the Head of Department of Magical Sports and Games Norman Heady who was both tall and strong with awfully pale eyes and a many times broken nose, and the two Headmasters of Durmstang and Beauxbatons Svetlana Grigorova and Gerard Robideau, respectively. 
"Right, congratulations to all three champions. It is a huge honour to be picked by the Goblet of Fire. It speaks the truth and is unbiased." said Blott, who sounded as though he was reading out of a history textbook.
"Tomorrow the three of you will be interviewed and have your photos taken by the Daily Prophet. In two days time, Sunday you will each sign your names onto the Triwizard trophy board and have the weighing of the wands ceremony. After the first task, you will be expected to initiate the dancing ceremony at the Yule Ball. Be sure to have a suitable partner and dress robes. Now, as for the task itself Mr Heady will walk you through it." 
"Yes, thank you Perceval. Well, champions its a rough year ahead! This year everything is going to be bigger and better than ever, I made sure of that!" his smile broadened. 
Lisbeth felt bile inching its way up her throat. 
"I will not give anything away, nothing at all. But of course you will poke around and find out what the task is anyway before it begins!" Heady laughed in an attempt to break the ice. 
Cheating is considered a normal and traditional part of the tournament. 
"Alas, the first task is to test your daring. Courage in the face of the unknown is a very important quality in a young bright wizard...very important. The first task will be held on the twenty fourth of November with a panel of judges and students watching your impeccable performance, I'm sure. You are not permitted to be armed with any kind of weapons or offensive equipment that is designed to cause harm but you are permitted your wands. Remember, wizarding laws still apply in the tournament. Any questions, hmm? No? Well yes, we all have some common sense, don't we? Right then, have a good night's rest, try not to say up too late celebrating! You have an interview with the Prophet tomorrow while the excitement is still fresh in your minds." 
"You heard the man, off to your beds. Perceval, a word" gestured Dippet. 

Lisbeth didn't know where she was going. Finally she realised the mess that was waiting for her in the Gryffindor common room, so she morphed into a girl in fifth year she knew who had short black hair and made her way to the Prefects bath for a soak in the water. Sure enough on her way, she saw her friends hiding around the corner waiting for her to come out along with half the school who were buzzing about the night's events. 
"She can't even bring herself ten feet in front of a hippogriff!" 
"How the heck wasn't Penelope or Lincon chosen!?"  
"She used black magic, I'm sure of it!" 
Lisbeth walked right passed them, unnoticed. 

The large pool never ceased to amaze her. Golden taps hung from all sides, the lavish intricate walls and floor tile designs gave a sense of regalia. The mermaid on the wall was brushing her hair lazily. Lisbeth turned on the taps causing bubblegum pink, candy blue and violent purple bubbles to form. She then started to strip off her robes, giving herself a fright when she looked into the mirror and saw the fifth year girl. She morphed back into her tall, curly blonde self. Lisbeth sank into the water, her hands still trembling. She would need to get some soothing solution from Madam Romney the school nurse. Lisbeth's insides felt about as bad as she looked on the outside. 
She was going to embarrass herself. She was going to be bullied worse than ever by Penelope. She was going to be put in immense danger. Why had she put her name in the cup. 
Lisbeth put her head under the water in hopes to drown out her anxiety. It was working, she could hear water drumming through her ears, a warmth sourrounding her skin and darkness to keep her from thinking...Suddenly she was yanked out from the pool coughing and spluttering she looked around wildly, trying to cover herself. 
It was Adrian. 
"Lisbeth, what the hell do you think you're doing!" He shouted looking scared. 
"What...I was just putting my head under the water..."
"You're so stupid, do you think I'm going to let you drown yourself?" 
"No, I wasn't-"
Lisbeth was cut off with a crushing hug from Adrian.
"Don't go wondering off alone, promise me?" Adrian asked pleadingly 
"Well you certainly had a funny way of not letting me wonder off alone before now" Lisbeth replied hotly 
"What do you mean?" 
"I mean I'm always the last of the four. Lisbeth isn't here? Oh well she will find something amusing for herself."
Adrian looked stunned 
"Lisbeth I have never left you. If you feel like I'm leaving you, I'm not. You're always the first and last thing on my mind when I go to bed and wake up. I could not give any more care to what other people say about you. In fact, I tell them they can shove off. I have supported you in everything you do, even illegal potion brewing which yes, I know about. Ultimately what I'm trying to say is that I love you." Adrian kissed Lisbeth urgently, as though he was about to loose her. 
Lisbeth replied by unbuttoning his shirt, exposing the skin beneath it. 
The mermaid blushed and dived into the bottomless sea. 




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