The Final Task

Lisbeth Evans is a student attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry currently in her sixth year. It is finally Hogwarts' turn to host the much anticipated Triwizard Tournament. But did the Tournament go too far this year? Will it ever let students compete again after Lisbeth does the unthinkable?

As for the competition, this is the kind of fanfic where you explore the life of a character only mentioned in the original story, but never had a chance to meet. In this case, this is about the last Triwizard tournament held before the one Harry Potter competes in, although I am tweaking the timeline from the 1700's to a much later year. I'm calling this SpinOff fanfic (original, I know). Hope you enjoy it :)


7. The Yule Ball

In less than two weeks Hogwarts was transformed for Christmas. Huge, bushy Pine Trees were cut down from the Forbidden Forrest and decorated with baubles ranging from the size of beach balls to small gobstones and were bewitched to have a non-melting snow cloud to sprinkle delicate snowflakes onto the shimmering branches of the tree. The suits of armor were taught by the choir to sing merry Christmas songs, paintings were decorated with holly and glittering streamers. The usually barren, cold stone walls of Hogwarts castle were now radiating warmth, welcome and the Christmas spirit. 
Instead of marveling at the grandness of it all, Lisbeth was sitting in the Gryffindor common room on the sofa opposite the fireplace with the two Ravenclaw boys. Usually Gryffindor, nor any other house for that matter tolerated having people from other houses in their common rooms. It was almost territorial. But it was a weekend and Lisbeth somehow acquired special privileges after her performance in the First Task. 
"Something's not right about the tournament" said Lisbeth 
"Enlighten us" said Leon biting off the head of a chocolate frog
"Centaurs. They're highly intelligent aren't they? I mean, intelligent enough to have disagreements with the Ministry of Magic about their own rights and territory. Despite them having their heads in the stars, they really do have human level intelligence." 
"They are classified as Beasts, Lisbeth" Adrian commented 
"That's only because they declined the offer of their initial classification of 'Being' because of the association with Hags and Vampyres. Same thing applies with Merpeople and Unicorns." 
"Alright good point, should have paid more attention in class" Adrian bit into a pepper imp. 
"Centaurs would not just decide to participate in the Triwizard Tournament because they were asked nicely. I remember Centaurs as being mistrustful of Wizards, not only that who would want to enter something that could cause them harm?" Lisbeth chewed the inside of her cheek. 
"That Pogrebin looked awfully hungry as well" said Penelope from across the room, looking up from her textbook.
"and who invited you?" asked Leon 
"I'm reading about it now, Pogrebins don't go for such large prey. They usually go for Crups or Gnomes and a Fwooper's song only drives the person to insanity, not forcing them to do something against their will." Penelope's forehead was creased in thought. 
"It can read!" Leon pumped his fist into the air.
Penelope gave Leon a scowl and remarked with
"Don't forget I kicked your butt in Quidditch and I will do it again" 
"I beg to differ. I was having an off day." Leon put down his confectionery down, engaging in a debate with Penelope over their Quidditch abilities and skills. 
Adrian smiled and put his arm around Lisbeth, asking if she would want to be his date for the Yule Ball. 

It felt strange not having Emilia hold Lisbeth's hair up while she adjusted her pins. Lisbeth had to ask Lilian Burtsley with whom she often exchanged Potions notes for Herbology ones, they were just friends. Lisbeth gave Lilian some of her Curling Concoction in thanks for her help. Lisbeth put on her gown. It was a breathtaking pearl white silk dress which left her shoulders and upper back exposed, she also put on a delicate white gold chain around her neck which had a teardrop shaped pearl sitting neatly above her chest. To pass the time she had until the Ball, Lisbeth sat in the empty common room morphing her hand into ridiculous things like a fish tail, Vampyre claws and a goats hoof. Finally the clock showed what Lisbeth wanted. She set out to go down the stairs to the Great Hall. She peeked out around the corner and saw that the floor was completely packed full of students. Suddenly, Lisbeth felt extremely exposed. She didn't want this kind of attention on her, it made her heart beat faster and beads of sweat form on her skin. Perhaps she should morph into someone else for a little while, remain anonymous...Then she caught sight of Emilia standing there with Danyil laughing and seeming to enjoy herself. 
'Better than you' crossed Lisbeth's mind before she could stop it.
'We'll see who's better' thought Lisbeth. 
Letting her heels make a particulary uncharacteristic loud sound against the cold stone floor, Lisbeth made her entrance. She spotted Adrian looking very dashing in his night sky blue dress robes and white bowtie. He nearly spat out his drink when he caught sight of her. 
"Merlins Beard...Lisbeth you look like a Veela" spluttered Adrian 
"So do you, handsome" Lisbeth said, kissing Adrian for everyone to see. 
Adrian turned a magnificent shade of magenta and gestured Lisbeth to go inside. 

It was probably the most fun Lisbeth ever had. She wasn't very good at the dancing in front of the whole school for the fact that she was mildly nervous the entire time, so she let Adrian lead the way and cover up her mistakes. The light and cheerful mood even let Grigorova and Robideau to have a civil dance with each other. 
"Am I hallucinating or is Leon currently dancing with Penelope?" asked Adrian in disbelief 
"My word, looks like it. How horrifying." Lisbeth replied 
Leon had one arm around Penelope's boyish waist and seemed to be enjoying himself. He had also finally cut his hair in preparation for the Yule Ball. 
"You look so elegant, your dress c'est belle!" Jeanette gave Lisbeth a hug. 
"Thank you, oh and look at you so dressed up and pretty. I bet you are stealing all the boys' glances tonight" Lisbeth smiled. Jeanette was wearing a layered short pale yellow dress and her hair was in a half up half down curly style, her eyes looked greener than ever against the darkness of her hair and lightness of her dress.
"Yes, I've danced with many people tonight! Will you dance with me, Lisbethe?" asked Jeanette 
"Of course, Adrian you are dismissed" 
"Well that was harsh, but as you wish my lady" he smiled, kissing her hand as a mock gesture. 

Finally Lisbeth and Adrian walked out of the Great Hall and began wandering around the Hogwarts grounds. Of course it was freezing this time of year and it was beginning to snow so Lisbeth had brewed a Heart Warming Potion to keep them nice and cosy. Adrian had also brought some butterbeer which they sipped as they walked towards the boathouse. 
"You never really told me, you know, what you want to do when you leave Hogwarts." Adrian said 
"Thats because I don't know myself. But I do like making potions, perhaps helping the Wizarding Community through medicinal potions. Or discover something, like Dumbledore did with his discoveries of the uses of dragons blood."
"Well you know what I want to do, go save the people piece by piece at St Mungos. Maybe we could-" Adrian's sentence was cut short by a raging teacher 
"Students! Students out of bounds! You come back here this instant or I will catch you and you will be sorry!" it looked like Professor Belbridge who was trying to run with his belly jiggling about. 
"Run, run!" whispered Adrian, grabbing Lisbeth's hand and dragging her along. 
They hid in one of the boats in the boathouse, trying hard not to laugh when Professor Belbridge bust in looking out of breath and had to sit down to recover. Then using a carefully placed illusionment charm, the teacher simply walked right past them and back to the castle, cursing. 
"Lets go out to the lake." said Adrian 
"I'm pretty comfortable here" said Lisbeth 
"No, I mean in the boat" 
"I don't know about that...are we allowed to?" 
"Lisbeth, we're already not allowed to be here. Lets go while it's still snowing."

Lisbeth was happy she didn't go back to the castle. She felt an immense peace and a certain infinity wash over her as she was sitting, or rather laying in Adrian's arms on the boat with warm snowflakes falling onto her skin. It was little things like this which gave Lisbeth her love of life. It was very true that the best things in life are free. The stars are free, the water glistening alongside her was free, Adrian's heart was free. 
"Promise me, you won't leave me. Promise you will love me no matter what happens, even if it's just friendship we can offer each other" 
Lisbeth turned around, looking into his caramel brown eyes 
"Cross my heart and hope to die" she whispered, kissing him on the mouth, cheek, neck, collarbone... 







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