The Final Task

Lisbeth Evans is a student attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry currently in her sixth year. It is finally Hogwarts' turn to host the much anticipated Triwizard Tournament. But did the Tournament go too far this year? Will it ever let students compete again after Lisbeth does the unthinkable?

As for the competition, this is the kind of fanfic where you explore the life of a character only mentioned in the original story, but never had a chance to meet. In this case, this is about the last Triwizard tournament held before the one Harry Potter competes in, although I am tweaking the timeline from the 1700's to a much later year. I'm calling this SpinOff fanfic (original, I know). Hope you enjoy it :)


5. The First Task

Lisbeth put on her best dress for the Slug Club that night. Professor Horace Slughorn kept reminding the students 
'ah, don't you worry, the event is strictly informal. Come in your pajamas for all I care!' 
All the while Slughorn came with his dark hair combed back, his robes without a single blemish on them and carrying a magnificent emerald encrusted walking stick. Lisbeth always wondered why such a (relatively) young wizard would need a cane with him, she suspected it was a family heirloom. 
Lisbeth's dress was dark blue with a flowy skirt. On it were intricate designs that shimmered and moved as she walked, resembling glittering ripples in the sea. Lisbeth thickened her eyelashes, gave herself rosy cheeks and put her hair up neatly, allowing loose curls to fall down her back. 
Lisbeth met Adrian in on the bottom of the stairs, he looked much more casual than she did in a pure white oxford shirt and dark green pleated pants with his shiny dark hair hair combed. 
"Beautiful, as always" he smiled. 
It was remarkably tense in the Slug Club that evening. Usually Penelope would sit away as far as possible from Lisbeth and make snide comments during her conversations with other members of the Slug Club. Now, Penelope was stabbing at her honey pumpkin roast beef and shooting daggers at Lisbeth every time she made a movement. Slughorn seemed to be undisturbed by the icy wall between them and continued his conversations. 
"So, Adrian my boy. Tell me, how are Mr and Mrs Carter?" asked Slughorn. 
"They themselves are very well sir, however my mother says they've recently had a measles outbreak at St Mungo's so she's been terribly busy of late. My father is working on a way to stop the measles from spreading throughout the hospital." 
"Ah, how terrible! I hope you yourself don't have any such bitter news?" 
"Well my studies are going well as you ought to know, Professor. But Ravenclaw did just loose to Gryffindor which was a shame, we were very close." 
Penelope seemed to brighten up a little at that. 
"Yes, yes, well aware of that. Those were some exceptional skills shown by young Miss Davies here, a formidable chaser. Although I must admit, I am still hoping for Slytherin to take the cup." 
"Not while I am alive and breathing" said Penelope. 
"Speaking of cups, our very own champion has joined us tonight! I always knew you were going to achieve greatness, Miss Evans. I have a very keen eye for talent-" Slughorn pointed to his eye dramatically "-as soon as I saw you in my classroom, brewing what can only be described as a perfect Veritaserum antidote I discarded my own immediately." 
For the rest of the evening, there were no other mentions of any other students, Lisbeth's was the only name they heard. Penelope's rage swelled. Finally, towards the end of the evening Lisbeth stayed back telling Adrian to go without her as she had to ask Slughorn some questions about the Potions assignment. 
"-and now the Cheese-based Potions originated in France, Napoleon was quite fond of them.." Slughorn explained. 
"Thank you, sir. Actually I have another question. Are there any potions that can be used against Centaurs? Without harming them, I might add." Lisbeth asked 
"Centuars? I'm not sure I follow, this is not a part of the school curriculum." Slughorn answered, looking concerned. 
Lisbeth had grown to trust this eccentric man and thought no harm in telling the truth. 
"I know what the first task will be, it's definitely Centaur related. I don't know what we will need to do, but we were told we were not allowed any offensive weaponry. Do you understand?" 
"Oh, yes now I do" Slughorn said wide eyed "Centaurs..Merlins Beard...well I do have a few in mind. You could use a simple Dizziness Draught, mind you change the concentration of periwinkle puffs you use, those Centaurs are large indeed...Draught of Living Death can put them into a state of sleep that looks like death, terribly difficult to make with disastrous consequences should you get it wrong. No, a simpler Sleeping Draught does not work on Centaurs. That seems to be all I can think of for now, the Centaurs have a high tolerance to wizardry and are even unaffected by most spells." 
"What about something I can take?" Lisbeth asked. 
"Well of course there is the Girding Potion for endurance, Strengthening Solution for strength and Thick Golden Potion for rapid healing. Mind me asking, how are you planning on brewing all these? Not even I have all the ingredients, Miss Evans." Said Slughorn, looking slightly worried. 
"If you give me what you can, I will worry about the rest" Lisbeth said, smiling mischievously

Lisbeth spent the entire morning labeling vials of potions and putting them in her bag then arranging and rearranging them. Finally realizing her behavior was obsessive, she left the bag and went to eat breakfast. Saying she was nervous would be an understatement. The night before she had to see Madam Romney because she was finding it difficult to breathe and was unnaturally cold. Emilia wasn't much help, she just ignored Lisbeth as her attention was now on Danyil. Lisbeth had seen them sneaking around Hogwarts and making eyes at each other during meal times. Why hadn't Emilia told her yet? 
It was an hour before the tournament was meant to begin. Jeanette, who was usually bubbly and happy was looking solemn yet determined. Danyil looked as hard and impenetrable as stone. The Forbidden Forest was particularly misty that day, when you looked into its depths you were uncertain and afraid at what might lie inside of it. The crowd was gathering around the high wall that was erected and sitting down on the benches. In the middle there was little tree coverage so that the crowd could see what was going on. Inside the oval were large rocks, low wooden walls, vines, pits, bushes, small caves and an archery target. 
Into the Champions tent walked in Blott, Heady, Dippet, Robideau and Grigorova. Immediately Robideau and Grigorova began to whisper last minute instructions into their pupil's ears. 
"I hope you have been keeping up with your Care of Magical Creatures studies, Miss Evans." murmured Dippet. 
Lisbeth gave a vague nod. 
"Champions. Your task will not be an easy one. To gain full points for this task, you are required to firstly take an arrow only from the quiver on the back of a Centaur" Blott paused "using that arrow you may use the bow lying next to the target if you wish then go to the distance marked by a distinct red line directly behind it and shoot the arrow until you hit the center of the target. Any questions?" 
"Are ve allowed to use spells on the Centaurs?" asked Danyil 
"Good question, spells are to be used that do not breach the ethical nor the legal rules and regulations. Furthermore, Centaurs tend to be aggressive and it would be advised not to provoke them." answered Blott 
"Right, Miss Colombet you go first, Mr Stoyanov second and Miss Evans last." 

Miss Evans had no intention whatsoever to walk through that door into the clearing. It felt strange to her that she could leave at any moment, technically nothing could hold her back. Yet she stayed, going against basic human instinct. The doors gave way and immediately she was met with cheering. Why were they cheering? Lisbeth took a small step onto the hard dirt floor. It looked eerily peaceful and untouched inside, compared to the suffocating five meter high walls on all sides with tiny, annoying people on top. She could see nothing but some dense bushes that only the people above could see through and other large obstacles. Lisbeth knew she would not be able to leave the clearing until she had completed the task. So once again she found that small shred of courage hiding in the corner that had brought her here and walked forward. 
Lisbeth gripped her wand. 
Every step she made resulted in a bone crushing noise. 
She had walked around half the perimeter of the wall but kept looking back to see the same rock behind her. Lisbeth started to walk to the middle of the clearing, looking at that small rock. She then took her gaze away and looked back to find that the rock was right behind her again. Lisbeth laughed.
"Pogrebin" she muttered. 
Pogrebins were harmless, following you in your shadow until you got onto your knees so that it could then devour it's prey. 
"Stupefy!" Lisbeth pointed at the Pogrebin, it scuttled away under a log. 
Suddenly, she heard the twang of an arrow. Immediately, Lisbeth ducked and rolled away by instinct, into the bushes. Realizing she was breathing loudly, she put a hand over her mouth. After some time, she heard hooves making their way towards the bushes. It was the Centaur. Peaking through the foliage, Lisbeth could see that he was a magnificent creature. The Centaur was tall, more of a darker grey color than blue as she originally thought. He had fiery red hair and strong legs that could crack a boulder in half. He walked past holding his bow and arrow ready in his strong arms. 
Lisbeth realized she needed to do something, fast and hopefully without needing to get out of the bushes. She needed to get one of her potions into him somehow. She didn't know any spells that would send them flying hard enough to break the glass upon impact. Lisbeth looked around. All she could see were sticks and leaves. 
'What would Leon do?' Lisbeth thought, Leon was very crafty. 
Finally, she spotted a stick that gave her an idea. It was Y shaped and just the right thickness to hold onto without breaking. Untying her hair, she put her band around the two pointy parts and ripped a piece of the shirt the school had provided with the Hogwarts Crest. Using her wand, she attached the fabric to the band, making a small pocket.
Lisbeth looked up. There was the arrow that the Centaur tried to shoot her with, stuck in the tree. 
'This is mad, allowing Centaurs to shoot underage wizards' Lisbeth thought. 
The courage that was hiding in the corner was slowly running out, fear was starting to replace adrenaline. Lisbeth knew she needed to act now. 
Grabbing the vial labelled 'Draught of Living Death' Lisbeth put it into the pocket and rolled out. Looking behind her every few seconds Lisbeth jogged around the clearing, hiding behind rocks every time she got near one. Finally, she caught a glimpse of fiery red hair in front of her. Deciding to sneak up quietly behind the Centaur, Lisbeth whispered 'accio vial' which she used to pull back the pocket. The Centaur did not seem to hear her so she sped up. Just as Lisbeth said 'repulso' she tripped and fell hard grazing her chin on the floor and ripping her pants at the knees, the vial flew away not hitting the Centaur. Lisbeth heard a small voice cackling and laughing 
'hahaha! Ickle blondie did a fally! hahaha!' It was an imp. Lisbeth suddenly realised how much she hated imps. 
But there was no time to curse at imps as Lisbeth looked up and saw that the Centaur was taking out a bow from his quiver, galloping closer and closer to Lisbeth. 
Reaching into her bag, she took out the vial labelled 'Dizziness Draught' and shoved it into the middle of the pocket. 
'Accio!' she shouted, pulling back the pocket. 
'Repulso!' she shouted once more. 
Both their weapons twanged. The arrow seemed to be going much slower than usual. Lisbeth had just enough time to slice her wand in an upwards motion and shout 
Her shield charm allowed the arrow to ricochet off an invisible wall, keeping her from being punctured with it. The vial she had vaulted onto the Centaur had hit him on the chest breaking immediately, releasing the fumes which he breathed in. Lisbeth waited for the Centaur to become dizzy enough for her to approach him. But the Centaur was not becoming dizzy, something far more strange was happening. There was an audible gasp from the crowd when a large pumpkin replaced the Centaurs head. Lisbeth frowned in confusion and ran over to the Centaur, who had fallen onto the ground because the pumpkin was so large it overbalanced him. She picked up the broken vial which definitely had the label 'Dizziness Draught' on it. Lisbeth was not convinced she had brewed the potion wrong. This was definitely a Pompion Potion, one that does exactly what just happened to the Centaur. Lisbeth had not put it into her bag, but had made the potion in her fourth year as a joke to play on Penelope (which she never did) so she kept it in one of the cubicles in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. 
Careful not to be hit by the Centaurs flailing hooves, Lisbeth grabbed the whole quiver of arrows. The Pompion Potion was temporary and she did not want to be shot at again. Running at full speed towards the target, she grabbed a wizarding bow, one that tickled your finger once you were pointing it directly over the middle of the target. In the middle ages witches and wizards made a great deal of bets to see who could hit the middle of the target, and of course that witch or wizard always left the bet with much heavier pockets. 
It took Lisbeth three arrows until she finally hit the target, her arms were shaking too much from all the fear and adrenaline coursing through her. Finally she hit the target and the whole stadium erupted, cheering, clapping and chanting the Hogwarts song. 
Lisbeth was so relieved that she dropped to her knees, holding her bow up in victory. 






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