The Final Task

Lisbeth Evans is a student attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry currently in her sixth year. It is finally Hogwarts' turn to host the much anticipated Triwizard Tournament. But did the Tournament go too far this year? Will it ever let students compete again after Lisbeth does the unthinkable?

As for the competition, this is the kind of fanfic where you explore the life of a character only mentioned in the original story, but never had a chance to meet. In this case, this is about the last Triwizard tournament held before the one Harry Potter competes in, although I am tweaking the timeline from the 1700's to a much later year. I'm calling this SpinOff fanfic (original, I know). Hope you enjoy it :)


1. The Cowardly Lion

Lisbeth finally sat down at a rather lopsided circular table in the Gryffindor common room. Taking out a handsome eagle owl quill, some ink and a piece of parchment from her bag she began writing. Or more accurately she intended to do some writing. Only two words in fact. However, her rushing thoughts prevented her from doing so. It was no secret that Lisbeth did not display the qualities typical in the house of Gryffindor. Bravery and courage did not come easily to her as it was expected to. She was rarely the first person to volunteer, she would by no chance have been dating Adrian Carter if it were not for him approaching her and even the smallest of sounds could make her startle. So it would seem unlikely that she would write those two little words to try out for the Triwizard Tournament. Suddenly without warning, Penelope Davies, an athletic seventh year walked into the common room. The air suddenly felt thicker around Lisbeth as she watched her stride over to her table with a smug look on her face. 
"Lisbeth! Are you signing up for the tournament? They say the first task is extremely dangerous, are you sure you want to risk your pretty little curls falling off?" 
Lisbeth refused to look at her, she could feel her face burning under her skin.
"What's the first task Penelope?" asked a wide eyed, excited third year 
"To walk over to the Goblet of Fire and not get your fingertips singed. But I do see why that would leave our poor Lisbeth shaking. You can just feel the warm air a few feet from the goblet, it could send anyone running away." Penelope laughed with a few others in the common room and continued to talk about Lisbeth shortly after she left the common room. Her years at Hogwarts had been tormented by Penelope who was seemingly disgusted by any kind of cowardly behaviour, which Lisbeth quite often displayed. 

The final names were to be put into the cup by exactly midnight. Adrian along with her friends Emilia and Leonard (nicknamed Leon) had already put their names in the cup enthusiastically and carelessly for Tournament. Lisbeth wondered where her friends were, they usually stood up to Penelope for her. After doing a few loops around the castle she finally walked out to the lake to find them sitting on the grass staring lazily at the giant octopus which was swimming peacefully. Adrian was talking to Leon, making hand gestures here and there. Lisbeth crashed right in the middle between the two boys interrupting their conversation. 
"Well aren't you promptly on time" remarked Leon. 
"I would be if you told me you were planning on leaving me all on my own with Penelope on the last day. She's attacking anyone that is not willing to lead Gryffindor to glory" Lisbeth replied. 
"Not to mention she will bite anyone's head off if their name is picked instead of hers" added Adrian, kissing Lisbeth on the cheek. 
"Wait, you didn't know that we were here? Emilia, didn't you say you were going to tell Lisbeth to come here?" 
"Oh" She looked startled "yes, yes I did. We were just talking about the tournament and...oh I'm sorry Lisbeth" Emilia looked apologetically at Lisbeth, who had no other choice but to say 
"It's alright it happens" with a forced smile. 
It was not the first time she had been discarded and forgotten about. 
Lisbeth began to twirl her blonde curls with her finger out of nervousness, she seemed to do that a lot lately. 
"Your eyes, they're green today." Said Adrian, staring intently with his own caramel brown ones "I swear on my life they were a sapphire blue yesterday" 
It was then that the giant octopus decided to drop his large tentacle on the water, soaking the four friends in murky lake mess. 

After a soothing soak with Adrian in the prefects bath which Leon discovered the password for, Lisbeth and Emilia made their way to the great hall from the Gryffindor common room and sat down at one of the magnificent tables. The Beauxbatons had decided to sit at their table and had already claimed Lisbeth's and Emilia's seats. The dinner could only be described as magnificent. The house elves had included foreign dishes such as bouillabaisse, onion soup, musaka and dragons breath soup.
"Look at that Durmstrang boy, he wont stop looking at me!" whispered Emilia urgently ducking behind her dyed autumn leaf hair from the tan, dark haired Bulgarian boy. 
Before Lisbeth had a chance to say anything, the headmaster of Hogwarts Armando Dippet stood up to address the great hall. 
"Quiet down please, Thank you. I trust you all had a good meal from what Hogwarts had to offer. May you all be reminded that at exactly midnight tonight the goblet will not be accepting any more names to enter the tournament, however be reminded that this does not mean that your dormitory curfew of ten thirty is not lifted. If you have not entered your name and wish to do so, please be advised to approach the goblet after your dismissal. Now be carefully warned that the goblets decision is final, binding you to a magical contract of which you may not break until the completion of the tournament itself." The balding old man paused "you are dismissed, have a pleasant evening" 

Lisbeth lay awake thinking only about the wretched tournament. It was exactly 11:26pm. 
'All it is, is a piece of parchment with my name on it.' Lisbeth thought 'Why cant I write my name on a piece of parchment?' 
Lisbeth finally made up her mind. She could not simply walk out of the common room, no. The strict curfew meant that any student caught out of bed would be punished. In this case it was the worst punishment the teachers could think of, and that was to stay at Hogwarts castle while the champions were completing their dangerous, exciting tasks. But Lisbeth wasn't any ordinary witch. She went into the Gryffindor common room as Lisbeth, but left as the Charms Professor Cornelius Belbridge. Not many people knew she was a metamorphmagus, a witch or wizard who can change their appearance at will. She felt it would be better to hide her secret for when she really needed it. Like when Lisbeth morphed into Penelope's boyfriend to get her stolen diary back from her without looking suspicious. Making her way down to the great hall with a pocket full of what felt like bricks weighing her down, Lisbeth just opened the door to great hall when she heard behind her:
"ah, Cornelius. Taking my shift early are you? Good man, good man. Well see you tomorrow then, eh?" said the unmistakable voice of the Potions Professor Horace Slughorn. Lisbeth took a deep breath to calm herself, as she had already run to the other side of the hall in a fright. Finally she stood next to the peculiar omnipotent goblet of everlasting fire. Lisbeth had been plagued with accusations of cowardice all her life, this small act of courage, despite the lack of observers could bring her own conscience some rest from the hurtful words. She sat down clumsily realising she still had Professor Belbridge's bulging belly hanging out, morphing back into more or less her original self. Lisbeth took out her parchment, ink and handsome eagle quill and sat there holding the quill until finally she found the small shred of courage hiding in the corner, allowing her to write the words 

Lisbeth Evans 

and throw it into the wild fire. 


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