The Final Task

Lisbeth Evans is a student attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry currently in her sixth year. It is finally Hogwarts' turn to host the much anticipated Triwizard Tournament. But did the Tournament go too far this year? Will it ever let students compete again after Lisbeth does the unthinkable?

As for the competition, this is the kind of fanfic where you explore the life of a character only mentioned in the original story, but never had a chance to meet. In this case, this is about the last Triwizard tournament held before the one Harry Potter competes in, although I am tweaking the timeline from the 1700's to a much later year. I'm calling this SpinOff fanfic (original, I know). Hope you enjoy it :)


4. Expecting the Unexpected

"How did you do it" asked a small second year Gryffindor boy. 
Lisbeth replied by putting on her well rehearsed 'back off I am busy' face. The question had been flung at her many, many times the past few days. She was late for transfiguration. Lisbeth had found a lovely surprise waiting for her in the sixth year girls dormitory, all her belongings were strewn about and lying on the floor. The culprit had also stripped her mattress and sloppily put it back together. All her personal photos, gifts, books, trinkets and even underwear were on display and nobody had bothered to clean it up. Lisbeth speculated that it must be a Gryffindor girl because boys were not allowed in the girls dormitories.
Nobody, not even her friends seemed to believe her or were thoroughly confused as to how she was not responsible for this. 
"No offence Lisbeth, but you're kind of a whimp when it comes to dealing with stressful situations. I just don't see how the Goblet picked you out of its own accord. Did you drink Liquid Luck? Confounding Cocktail? Hearthardening solution?" asked Leon, throwing a skipping stone into the lake. 
"No, I told you." replied Lisbeth through gritted teeth. "I am just as confused as you are. I did not drink anything nor put any spells on myself. I just wrote my name on a piece of parchment that I ripped out of my history essay and threw it into the Goblet. Unless you're suggesting that Goblin Rebellions of the seventh century have a magical link with the Goblet of Fire then I simply did not do anything.
Leon scratched the back of his head. 
"Leave her alone, Leon. She was happy that she put her name into the Goblet. It probably took lots of guts from Lisbeth just to do that. Shes getting loads of crap from the rest of Gryffindor, lets not make her life any more difficult." Adrian butted in, his stone doing no fewer than nine skips.  
Lisbeth gave Adrian a thankful half smile. 
Emilia did not say a word. She only stared at whoever was talking, twirling her stone between her fingers. 
"What do you think Emilia?" asked Leon, thrusting his stone as hard as he could which resulted in just six skips. 
Emilia looked at each of her three friends, stopping at Lisbeth. 
"You really didn't do anything?" 
"Merlins beard! No!" Lisbeth threw her stone in frustration, it landed with a loud plop. 

"Miss Evans, kindly explain why you are late" asked Professor Tatterbee, a young yet experienced witch who was a dual animagus. 
"Uhm...well you see, Peeves threw a dungbomb at me and I didn't want to attend class with everyone scrunching up their noses and getting distracted so I took a bath." 
Of course that was a lie. Lisbeth was not going to make her problems public. 
Professor Tatterbee pursed gave a small sigh and gestured for Lisbeth to sit. Lisbeth sat next to Emilia who gave a small smile and continued to doodle on a piece of parchment. Lisbeth slipped her Curling Concoction under the table into Emilia's hand which was under the table. Emilia jumped in fright, but settled once she felt the cold glass. 
"Thanks" she whispered. 
"Did you see anyone near my bed today?" Lisbeth whispered. 
"No. Why?" Emilia whispered back, not looking up. 
"Someone decided to pay me a visit and completely destroy all my things. Who would do that? Who would go behind my back and think it's okay to take out my life, shuffle it about and just leave it there?" 
"Penelope, probably" mumbled Emilia. 
Lisbeth had been avoiding Penelope at all costs. She began waking up earlier to be one of the first people at breakfast (although she wasn't sleeping well anyway), doing her homework in the library with a different face, only walking in crowds to classes and being as close to teachers as possible at all times. Thankfully, Penelope hasn't been able to catch Lisbeth alone. But every time Lisbeth took a glance at Penelope she could see the burning fury behind her dark brown eyes. So it would not be surprising that Penelope had decided to find other ways to squeeze Lisbeth's 'secret' out of her. 
"You're right, probably was" said Lisbeth, probably a little too loudly as Professor Tatterbee suddenly focused her attention on Lisbeth. 
"Miss Evans, why don't you demonstrate to the class what an armadillo should look like." Pointing a slender finger at an artichoke. 
Lisbeth suddenly felt sweat pooling on her forehead.
'In front of the whole class?' she thought. 
Shaking a little, Lisbeth made her way to the front of the class where she tapped the artichoke twice whispering 
'Ravelto Magnia' 
To her surprise a small greenish armadillo appeared, immediately beginning to scurry and look for food. 

Lisbeth did not know how to prepare for the first task. November was drawing closer and closer, less than three weeks away. Danyil seemed to spend every free moment practicing defense against the dark arts. Lisbeth knew because she occasionally walked past the empty dark arts classroom and saw him there with his Headmistress, a powerful and serious witch. They dueled and fought with such ferocity that Lisbeth was starting to feel anxious again. 
Jeanette was attending Hogwarts classes as suggested to her by her Headmaster. The French man thought it would be a good idea for Jeanette to go to all of the classes which Lisbeth had, as the Professors might be teaching Lisbeth some spells that are linked to the task or hinting what might lie ahead. 
Lisbeth didn't mind. In fact, she enjoyed Jeanette's company. She discovered that Jeanette was in fact thirteen years old but in her fourth year, very advanced for her age. Jeanette told her about her life back in France, how she lives with her family of three sisters (two of which were at Hogwarts with her on this trip), two cats and a hamster in Montmatre. Every morning on the holidays she goes with her Mama to the bakery a few streets down to buy huge, crispy croissants that they eat with jam and fresh apricots. In the evening Jeanette helps her family with their wizarding restaurant, playing the violin for the adults and exploding snap with the children. Jeanette has a fire in her, Lisbeth realized that she could easily see this rosy cheeked little human being win the tournament. If she made it out alive. 

Lisbeth decided to show Jeanette around the hidden areas of Hogwarts. As they were walking to the lake, they had forgotten they were rivals and chatted away about their lives. 
"Do you have any houses in Beauxbatons?" asked Lisbeth. 

"No, we only 'ave ze Beauxbatons, we are one beeg 'ouse. Why separate everybody into groups? Everyone eez different, but zey can work togezzer in union. You 'ave to much conflict in 'Ogwarts." Replied Jeanette. 
"Well, you're not wrong about that." Lisbeth said as they were approaching the vegetable patch near the Forbidden Forest. 
"Ooh, what is zat?" asked Jeanette. 
She was looking straight into the Forbidden Forest which had a little lookout post the first years had built while practicing their charm 'Wingardium Laviosa' which levitates objects. 
"Well, that's the Forbidden Forest. Nobody is meant to go there...but I guess we can climb the's close to the edge." 
Jeanette immediately dropped her silk Beauxbatons bag onto a particularly large pumpkin and raced for the post. Although she was small she was also nimble and flexible, jumping from rung to rung to reach the top. Lisbeth, however unsurprisingly had a small phobia of heights. She looked up to the top, it was as tall as the trees in the ancient forest. Lisbeth started trembling a little. Remembering that she still had some soothing solution from Madam Romney, she reached into her pocket and took a small gulp. Instantly she felt her muscles stop trembling and her thoughts went from a white water torrent to a peaceful pond. One by one, she grabbed onto the rungs and hauled herself up. Jeanette was already at the top, her attention focused on one particular spot in the forest. Lisbeth still catching her breath asked: 
"What..what are" 
"Ze clearing. Has zat always been zere?" 
Lisbeth looked down at the clearing. The trees were much more bare in that area, some were completely bald. It did not look natural. There was a large wooden wall in the shape of an oval closing off the clearing. There were cages in it. Lisbeth could not see what was in them, but a few of them were very large indeed. A stack full of vegetables and meat were sitting in a pile on the side of the clearing and wooden objects were strewn about. 
"No..definitely not" Lisbeth replied. 
Right in the middle of the clearing stood some horses. 
"Zey are strange looking 'orses." Said Jeanette. 
Lisbeth looked and saw that she was right. The horses were awfully disfigured and carried a blueish tinge that reflected in the sunlight. Their manes which varied in color were very short for horses and their ears drooped right down sides of their necks. 
"If that's what they look like from the back, imagine what they look like from the front" Lisbeth murmured. 
As if on cue, the ugly horses turned around to look in their direction. 
The girls immediately ducked. 
They were not ugly horses, no, they were far worse. Their ears were in fact arms, their manes mane were in fact hair on their heads and the long necks were very toned torsos. 

"Centuars" Jeanette and Lisbeth exclaimed.





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