The Final Task

Lisbeth Evans is a student attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry currently in her sixth year. It is finally Hogwarts' turn to host the much anticipated Triwizard Tournament. But did the Tournament go too far this year? Will it ever let students compete again after Lisbeth does the unthinkable?

As for the competition, this is the kind of fanfic where you explore the life of a character only mentioned in the original story, but never had a chance to meet. In this case, this is about the last Triwizard tournament held before the one Harry Potter competes in, although I am tweaking the timeline from the 1700's to a much later year. I'm calling this SpinOff fanfic (original, I know). Hope you enjoy it :)


6. Either you Gryffindo or you Gryffindon't

Lisbeth's victory was short lived. After she had fallen onto her knees in exhaustion, a Pogrebin had launched onto her shoulder and hung on with its short, sharp teeth. It must have been very hungry to have gone after such a large meal. 
As Lisbeth was rushed to the hospital wing, she lost consciousness for a good hour from blood loss and from the stressful events beforehand. 
When she woke up her head was groggy, her shoulder aching and her chin stinging. Lisbeth was relieved to see her friends around her bed making her feel safe again. 
"Finally, you're awake. How are you feeling?" asked Adrian 
"That." Lisbeth answered "is one stupid question."  
"Yeah you numpty. Look at her, she looks like a bloody mess." said Leon smiling at his terrible pun. 
"Very funny Leon. You were out for quite a long time, Lisbeth." Adrian said, taking hold of her hand. 
"Sorry to disappoint. Where's Emilia?" 
Leon and Adrian looked at each other then looked around the hospital wing. There were only two other beds taken and it was for Lisbeth's fellow champions Champions Danyil and Jeanette, both of whom were only surrounded by people from their own school. No Emilia. 
"She must have uh...gone to the toilet or something" said Leon running his fingers through his hair. 
Lisbeth felt a pang of sorrow. How could Emilia not be here? Lisbeth was there when Emilia's grandfather died, through her painful breakup with Damian Lancaster, when she and the boys were fighting. 
How come Lisbeth was the one discarded and left behind when Lisbeth gave her all her friendship, love and compassion? 
"Well we don't need Emilia to tell you how you did, it was pretty great. Creative and a little unorthodox I'll give you that." Adrian said 
"I was thinking of you, Leon" Lisbeth smiled
"Me? Adrian, looks like you have some competition. These girls can't seem to get their paws off of me." Leon looked extremely pleased with himself. 
"Pfft I think she means that she thought of you when she saw that imp. It was pretty horrible looking, no wonder she tripped" Adrian joked. 
"No, the little bastard stuck his foot out" Lisbeth spat. 
"Aside from that, guess what. You came in second place!" Adrian grinned. 
"What?" Lisbeth spluttered "I hid in the bushes half the time" 
"You did but...that was a pretty creative thing you did with the slingshot and a conjured decent shield charm. It gave you more points than Stoyanov, who tried to hex the Centaur but that didn't work on him so the Centaur kicked him. He still got up though and tried again, I don't know why they didn't give him points for that. After trying to hex him a few more times he finally just made a branch fall to distract the Centaur, grabbed an arrow and made a run for it. I guess the Centaurs were told not to attack after the Champions got their arrows because he just sat down, healing himself. But he lost most of his points when a Fwooper started singing, making him almost shoot someone in the audience so the adults had to intervene." explained Adrian. 
"Jeanette got first place?" asked Lisbeth, excited. 
"She did...why are you so excited? She's from Beauxbatons" 
"I'm being realistic. I won't win. If it's anyone, I want it to be Jeanette. I want her to go home to France and build a life for herself with those Galleons. If you just talk to her once, you will see that the world needs more people like her." 
"Lisbeth, the world needs more people like you." 
"What do you-"
Lisbeth cut her sentence short when she saw Penelope lurking behind Leon and Adrian. She came to gloat. Lisbeth suddenly felt hot anger spreading through her weariness. Enough was enough, this had to stop sometime and from all the adrenaline Lisbeth received today, she was ready to burst. 
"No. I am not letting you come in here and laugh about me being a disgrace to Gryffindor, a disgrace to the world-" Lisbeth's voice was shaking but she kept going "-I have been bullied, threatened and laughed at because of you. Messing up my things, putting everything I am on display was bad enough. But to switch my potions like that? Why would you play around with someones life? Do you not understand there is a long withstanding death toll in the Triwizard Tournament. How could you do that for your own pathetic betterment? You call me a coward, but what does that make you." 
The Hospital Wing went quiet. 
Penelope looked uncomfortable and confused. 
"Actually, I came here to apologize. Not for ruining your things or switching the potions that was not me, I swear. But for making your life...difficult. I suppose I should have helped you instead of making you even more afraid of the world around you. You did get chosen to be in Gryffindor for a reason, it wasn't just some nasty joke the sorting hat played." Penelope squirmed a little. Lisbeth could tell she was not used to apologizing. 
"Wait, you were not the one who did those things?" Lisbeth asked, frowning. 
"No, I have no idea either. I mean I admit I was planning on going through your trunk, because you just wouldn't say how you got into the tournament. You proved me wrong." Penelope replied. 
"Alright don't cry, it's going to make everyone uncomfortable to acknowledge you have feelings other than murderous impulses." Leon butted in. 
"Do you think I'm that horrible?" asked Penelope, looking stricken. 
"Eh...more or less" replied Leon. 
"Alright, thank you. You can leave." Lisbeth said to Penelope. 
Penelope nodded vaguely, looking deep in thought and left the Hospital Wing. 
Madam Romney looked up from her Witch Weekly magazine, apparently enjoying the resolved drama between Lisbeth and Penelope. Less broken bones and hearts to deal with. 
Lisbeth pushed herself up gingerly with one arm, wincing quietly. 
"Oh, I have your bag here" said Adrian. 
"Throw out everything that's in it. I don't know what those vials contain." Lisbeth sighed. 
"Jeanette!" Lisbeth called 
"Oui, Lisbethe?" Jeanette called back 
"I'm coming over." Lisbeth said, not caring about the tuts of disapproval muttered by the Beauxbatons. 
"She is not well, Mademoiselle Evans. Maybe see 'er anuzzer time." said Robideau 
"She can talk to me eef she wants to" said Jeanette 
Lisbeth walked over to Jeanette and awkwardly stood over her, as she was surrounded on her bed by scandalized Beuxbatons girls. 
"Are you feeling alright? How did you go on the tournament?" Lisbeth asked
"Eet went well. I got a vine, climbed up a tree and waited for ze Centaur to come past me. But zen some doxy's started to bite and scratch me. I cast zem away and when ze Centaur came past, I swung from ze vine and got ze arrow. Ze doxy poison nearly made my arms stop moving, but I made it in time." Jeanette smiled, she looked proud. 
"No imps? Why did I get the imps?" said Lisbeth, pretending to be cross. 
"Oui, zey hide in ze corners. Waiting until you are 'appy and succeeding in your endeavors before zey strike. 'Orrible creatures, are zey not?" 
"Yes...yes they are" Lisbeth murmured "did anybody say anything about the next task" 
"Oui, zey said-" 
"Jeanette!" warned Robideau, a vein nearly bursting on his forehead. 
"Monsieur, remember zat Lisbethe was ze one who showed me zat we will be facing Centaurs?" Jeanette replied innocently. 
Robideau's vein contracted a little. 
"Zey said we will be given a poem after ze Yule Ball" Jeanette said 
"Oh no, I don't really like poems." 
"You put too much thought into ze words. It's ze feelings that you get from reading it zat matter" 
Lisbeth smiled, she really was lovely. 

Towards the evening, Lisbeth didn't feel much like celebrating. She knew there would be a party in the common room for her, but the pressure of the day's events made her want to retreat to a place of silence and solitude. Both Jeanette and Danyil had left their beds and the boys had left Lisbeth when she asked them to. Lisbeth was a little annoyed when Emilia finally came into the Hospital Wing, looking a little disheveled. 
"Look who finally decided to turn up" Lisbeth snorted 
Emilia sat down on the chair next to Lisbeth's bed and began picking under her fingernails nervously. 
"Lisbeth, well done on making it through. I'm so happy for you, it looked awful." Emilia said
"That seems like an understatement." 
"Lisbeth we've been friends a long time, right? We have so many good memories together..." 
"Emilia, what? Stop being so sentimental. Come out with it." 
"I just want you to know that...well thank you for everything you've've been a great friend even when I didn't deserve it. I...I need to tell you something. Something I feel very, very horrible about." 
Lisbeth's chest tightened "Go on." 
"I was the one who trashed your trunk and switched the potions" Emilia took a deep breath 
"You. What." 
"Now, Lisbeth don't get angry-" 
"Don't get angry? Is that the best you can do? What is wrong with you! Why would you do that to your best friend?" 
"Because I didn't believe you! At least at first I didn't. You would not say anything, even to Adrian so I looked through your trunk but I couldn't find a thing. I just did not believe it, you couldn't even put your name in without shaking like a leaf. I got really, really mad and I hate to admit it but I was used to being the better one so I tried to make you be forfeited from the tournament so that the Goblet can choose another Hogwarts Champion. So I switched your potions. Lisbeth I didn't know how bad it would be, I saw that arrow go and I nearly died in fright." Emilia began to weep. 
Lisbeth began to cry hot, angry tears. 
"Do you not understand people have died in this tournament. What you are saying to me right now sounds like you were tying the noose on my neck. And you're trying to tell me its because you thought you were better than me so you had to put me back into my place again, like a good little puppet?" 
"Penelope was wrong, you know. All those years she spent hurting me, pushing me into the mud. The real coward was you. You just used me to take all the beatings while you walked along, not a bruise on your body." 
They stared at each other. Lisbeth had the urge to say some nasty things about what she thought of Emilia. 
"Leave or I will call Madam Romney to drag you away. Your choice." Lisbeth said firmly. 

Lisbeth watched Emilia leave, her shoulders sagging in defeat. 




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