There It Goes All Over Again

He always said that he loved me. But who knew he could have done this to me? i should be over it, but I'm not. It still haunts me everyday. Because it wasn't one time, it was three times that I fell in love with Justin Beiber, ALL OVER AGAIN.
[Justin Bieber is not famous.]


1. The Starting! The End!

       I Don't want to let anyone know,

That I'm broken,

I need help.

I'm hard to understand.

I never let people see me cry.

I pretend to be strong,

Even when I'm not.

And all of this is because of You.

You Left. 

Left me in pieces.

Pieces which will never be placed back again.

Again and again,

I fell in love three times.

Every time I had questions,

Questions which you never answered.

And will never answer,

Because you are dead.

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