There It Goes All Over Again

He always said that he loved me. But who knew he could have done this to me? i should be over it, but I'm not. It still haunts me everyday. Because it wasn't one time, it was three times that I fell in love with Justin Beiber, ALL OVER AGAIN.
[Justin Bieber is not famous.]


3. Shopping!

After having a good time at the café, I thought that wandering around would be better than going home so early and to my luck, rain had stopped. I saw some really cute shops. So I entered one. It was quite big one. There were some really cute tops n crop tops. I thought of buying some. I grabbed some crop tops, tops, two pair of jeans, two shorts and one cute skirt.

I was just about to reach the billing counter, when a voice stopped me.

“Are you actually following me?” the same deep and raspy voice asked.

I turned around and saw Justin Beiber standing right behind me.

“Don’t you think that the question should be other way around?” I asked him more sassily.

“Ok Eva the Diva, first of all you are feisty. Second, you are sassy. What else are you? Huh? Mystery girl?” he was now moving towards me.

“I’m a lot of things you don’t know about.” I started moving backwards.

“I see you did a lot of shopping . Why don’t you try this on?”

I, now noticed that he was holding a red dress. It had laces all over it and from what I could imagine it would come up to my knees. But it was too revealing.

“Never in a million years will I wear that!”

“I’m just kidding! Why don’t you help me find some clothes?!”

“Why do you want me to help? I mean we met today! And you already want my help?”

“Well you see….. I thought you might have a good taste in clothes!”

“I do. So tell me what’s your style?”

“Hakuna Matata!”

“What?!” I burst into laughing as soon as I heard that. He was laughing too. His laugh was melodic.

After laughing a bit here and there, we bought some clothes for him and went to the billing counter. We both paid for our clothes and came out of the store. The weather was still the same. It looked like as if it was going to rain again.

“You want a ride? I guess it’s going to rain!” he asked me.

“Yeah! Sure. Thanks!”

“Where do you live?” he asked me while we were going towards his car.

“In a house?!”

“Oh! I thought you lived on the road!” “ I mean what’s the address?”

“32nd Avenue road!”

“Great! Mine’s 35th Avenue road! Only five minutes away!”

As his car came to my sight I was literally shocked. “ You got a Ferrari?!”

“Yeah! My sister gifted me that!”


We sat inside the car and he started the engine. Soon we reached my house and I got out of the car.

“Thanks for the ride!”

“Don’t mention it!”

“Good Night! Justin!” I said as I turned towards my house.

“Good Night! Eva the Diva!” He said smirking.

Before I could say anything else he sped off. I never thought I would make friends so easily. He is a nice guy! Keeping my thoughts away I rushed inside my house. 

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