There It Goes All Over Again

He always said that he loved me. But who knew he could have done this to me? i should be over it, but I'm not. It still haunts me everyday. Because it wasn't one time, it was three times that I fell in love with Justin Beiber, ALL OVER AGAIN.
[Justin Bieber is not famous.]


7. First Day!

The cell phone vibrates me awake. I reach for it, hold the bright screen to my squinting face, and set it for thirty minutes later. I hate mornings.

I-don’t-know-how-many minutes later, I open my eyes to see the grey out my window.

The cell phone again. I turn it off and get out of my bed. I directly go inside my bathroom and do my daily routine.

All my things weren’t unpacked so I wore this:

The clock said it was 6:30. I had more 30 minutes left.

I wasn’t that scared about going into a new school. My whole life has been about making new friends and shifting. I wish Olivia was in the same high school, as I had heard my dad say that it was the only high school in the whole area. I made my way towards the kitchen. I ate an apple and drank some juice. Now the clock read 6:42.

I think I should go now. Closing the door behind me I locked it and checked twice. My convertible was outside the garage because it was delivered in the morning before mom and dad left.

Turning on the engine, I put the address of the school in the GPS. I turned on the radio and party in the USA was playing.

The weather outside was still the same as yesterday. Rainy. Little drops started to fall. Great! That is when I saw a boy, with a hood, almost running, hand over his pulling the hood down. As if it would protect him from the rain! I slowed down my car and rolled down the window.

“Want a ride??”

“No, thanks!”

“I think it’s going to rain more heavily!”

He looked up, towards the sky. Paused for a minute, as if thinking something and then said.


He quickly got inside the car and pulled off his hood. He had black hair and blackish eyes. What a perfect combination. Since I was child I always wanted black hair but mom never aloowed me to dye my hair.

“I’m Natt!”

“ I’m Eva!” as I said that I started the engine.

“Where are you off to?” I asked him.

“Northwestern High school”

“Oh my god! Me too!”

“You’re new here right? Because I have never seen you around.”

“Yeah! Today’s my first day!”

“Ohk! So you would like me show you around?”

“Yeah! Cool!”

We reached there within five minutes. I parked the car and got out of it. I slung the bag on my shoulder. Then I noticed everyone was staring me. Natt got out and told me come with him.

“Why are they staring me?”

“Because you are new!?”

“But still, they should not stare at me like that.”

“everyone here is like that! Don’t worry! Now there is the office, you go inside and get your schedule by the time I wait here.”


I went inside the office and got my schedule. When I came out Natt was standing there with a boy, I don’t know. He was putting his books in his locker.

“Hey! You got the schedule?” he asked me.


“Now let’s find out, which classes you have with me?”

After looking at the sheet for a brief moment, he said “We have only two classes together.”

“It’s ok! Well see you afterwards I need to find my locker and go to my class.”

“Ok see you in the second period!”

I turned around and soon found my locker. It was almost 20 feet away from Natt’s locker. As I opened my locker and put inside the books which I didn’t need at the current moment, a girl caught my attention. She was familiar  from somewhere. She opened the locker which was right next to my locker and basically threw her books inside. She turned around and noticed me staring at her.


“Umm…yeah! Do I know you?”

“I gave you a free latte yesterday, remember?”

“Oh my god! Olivia right?! I knew I know you from somewhere.”

“I didn’t knew you were in this high school!”

“Yeah it’s my first day!”

“Great! Let me see you schedule! it might be possible that we have some classes together!”

After looking at it she said “We have three classes together, and the first one is with me!”

“Awesome! Now I don’t have to search the classes!”

“Ok! Now let’s go! You don’t want to be late on your first day!”

When we entered the English class, the teacher was already there.

“She is a nice woman! Never scolds for sleeping in her class!” Olivia told me, as we both chuckled a bit.

“Hello miss….??”

“Tesler. Eva Tesler.”

“Whatever it is, I don’t really care unless you bunk my classes.”

“I’m sure that it won’t happen!”

“OK! Miss. Tesler you may go and sit.”

The rest of the class was quite boring, as she told about the whole semester and what we would do. The projects and all! Most of the time I was talking to Olivia about random stuff.

Soon the class was over and I made my way towards my locker, just when I was pushed by someone. I don’t know who he/she was so I quickly gathered all my papers which had fallen down.

“I’m so sorry!” the same deep and raspy voice said.




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