There It Goes All Over Again

He always said that he loved me. But who knew he could have done this to me? i should be over it, but I'm not. It still haunts me everyday. Because it wasn't one time, it was three times that I fell in love with Justin Beiber, ALL OVER AGAIN.
[Justin Bieber is not famous.]


5. At home!

I entered my house, as quietly as I could.

“Where have you been?” my dad asked.

“When did you start caring about me?”

“Do you even see the time!? It’s past 10!”

“So what?!”

“We’ve been worried about you!”

“When was the last time you worried about me dad?”

“Eva be in your limits!” this time he shouted.

Just then mom entered the house in her business attire.

“What happened now?” she asked both of us.

“This girl is going off the limits!” my dad pointed towards me.

“Yeah! Mom, I’m am!” I shout as I start moving towards my room.

“Eva! I really don’t know how to control you! You have changed. You don’t talk with us or spend time with us.”

“Mom! Have you ever had time for me? You and dad are all the time on your business trips. How in a fucking way am I supposed to spend time with you?”


“Stop shouting my name, mom!”

“What else am I supposed to do? It’s going off the hook. You are grounded for the week!”


“And one more thing, I and dad are leaving tomorrow for work. We will be back after two weeks.”

“You see mom, you’re leaving again! I mean if you never wanted to take care of me, then why did you give me birth?” Tears were now streaming down my cheeks.

“I really don’t know?! You were a mistake! A goddamn mistake!”

“Right mom!” I run into my room as fast as I could.

I throw the bags on the chair and sit down on the floor crying my heart out. How can she just say I’m a mistake. I know she loves me more than anything. I just know that. Even if it’s a lie, that I have to tell myself.

After a while, I stop crying and get changed in my comfy clothes.  It’s past twelve. I slowly open my bedroom door and look outside. Mom and dad both were asleep. I make my way down the stairs and into the kitchen. There’s a covered plate kept on the table. I open it up and see some spaghetti.

Hmmm…lets see. I’m really hungry so only a spaghetti won’t do. I open up the fridge and there sat a note on the burger.

Eat it up! I know spaghetti won’t do anything! And there’s some ice cream too!               -Dad

I removed the note and put the burger in my plate. Then I took some ice-cream. After I had taken ever thing, I went up to my room.

Yes I’m rich! Yes I get everything that I want! But you don’t know the one thing that I crave for. One thing that money can’t buy, one thing that I never had and will never have.

Is my parent’s time for me. They were never here for me. During my birth my dad wasn’t there, because he was too busy working. They were not there when I spoke my first words. They were not there when I took my first steps. They were not there on the first day of my kindergarten. They were never really here.

I don’t want to be rich or famous. I just want to live my life happily.

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