That blogger

Ella Jane Phillips, the blogger.
Ella is on a holiday in Hawaii and is blogging for her YouTube channal called "ThatBlogger."(not real in real life-FAKE-)
She is 17 and her birthday is coming up. She is also a HUGE FAN of 1D and would love love LOVE to meat them.she is also STINKING RICH!her mum Mary booked a "Play date" with the whole gang down at the beach.things get a little hot when they started playing Truth or Dare! Wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow
What happens now?


3. To the hotel we go!

We (mum and i) have just got off da plane and are driving in a taxi to our REALLY TALL hotel.(my mums fucking rich cos her job is designing dresses for Victoria secret models)

We get our bags from the boot of the taxi and start walking to the front desk, completely forgetting to pay the taxi:/ my FINALLY realises and hands ME MONEY TO PAY TO GET IN!!!!!!!!!huleua! 

As mum comes back from paying the taxi, I have already paid, got the key for our room and had gotten my camera out to film me for my YouTube channel called ThatBlogger. Typical me:)

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