That blogger

Ella Jane Phillips, the blogger.
Ella is on a holiday in Hawaii and is blogging for her YouTube channal called "ThatBlogger."(not real in real life-FAKE-)
She is 17 and her birthday is coming up. She is also a HUGE FAN of 1D and would love love LOVE to meat them.she is also STINKING RICH!her mum Mary booked a "Play date" with the whole gang down at the beach.things get a little hot when they started playing Truth or Dare! Wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow
What happens now?


1. Me

Hi! My name is Ella Jane Phillips. I'm 17 years old and am on a plane right now, going to Hawaii!!!!!! A few things to now about me:


2. My birthday is in three whole days and I can't wait to be 18!

3. I have a YouTube channel called "ThatBlogger" (not real in real life-FAKE-)and I pretty much just film wat I'm going:-)

4. It's just my mum and I. My dad...well you could say my dads dead but I don't even fucking know so don't even ask. All I know is I'm fucking pissed off because he left me when I was going through the hardest time in my life for two hole reasons:-/

One is because I was eleven and was just starting to get my period. I know that people R gonna say that that does not matter cos your mums still there, My mum was looking after my grannie. And that comes to my second point:

My grannie died of breast canser 5years ago, when I was only 12 it was one of the saddest things I have ever gone through(also about my dad)but that's all I'm gonna say cos this stuff is sad and I don't wanna have tears coming out of my eyes while I'm sitting next to some random hobo.(I'm on a plane remember)



A little note about me is that my spelling is not that great:/

Sos broz bout dat:)

Um... Yeahhhhhhhh.hope you likes da first chapter:)

Peace out my little peeps


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