That blogger

Ella Jane Phillips, the blogger.
Ella is on a holiday in Hawaii and is blogging for her YouTube channal called "ThatBlogger."(not real in real life-FAKE-)
She is 17 and her birthday is coming up. She is also a HUGE FAN of 1D and would love love LOVE to meat them.she is also STINKING RICH!her mum Mary booked a "Play date" with the whole gang down at the beach.things get a little hot when they started playing Truth or Dare! Wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow
What happens now?


5. A/N

hey peeps!        I'm sorry that my chapters are really small:/ but in the future I will make them longer AND I will try to remember to write something at the end of each chapter(you'll see what I mean)AND I will try to update the story every second day or even if I'm fealling good(and not on my period:-)) everyday:().       YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYZYAYAYZYZYZYAYAYAYAYAYAYZZZZZZZZZ    Bye peeps!#thepeepsisrealformeandidontlikespacesandcommasandimNOTonmyperiod=]

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