Take Me Home.

This story follows young Henry Lukas as he finds himself trapped in the world of one his favorite comic books about an apocalyptic world also based in an era of steam punk that's been ran over by vampires. He must follow the lead of his favorite character Andrew Parker as he tries to find a solution to get Henry out.


1. Henry Lukas.

The door to my room creaked open as I sat upon my bed, holding the all too familiar comic book in my hand. I looked up, letting only my eyes peer over the pages. My mother stood before me, a hand on her hip and a faint frown upon her lips. 
        "Henry, I thought I told you to stop reading those old comics." Her words were as bitter as she looked. 
        I let out a distasteful groan, sitting up fully and setting the comic down. "Mom, it's not just any comic books, it's Vampire Catcher volume 9. I'm almost to the ending of the series. I've study this series so hard, I know more about it than the authors do." 
        She rolled her eyes, walking over to my bed and setting her hand on my knee, "Sweety, I know you like these comics but it's your senior year, you're 18 years old. You need to get out there, see the world."
        "This is the only world I need." I said, picking up the comic book and holding it out for her to grab.
        She sighed, standing up rather than taking the comic from me. I frowned placing the comic back on my bed, keeping my eyes on her as she made her way out. She stopped before closing my door, giving me one last frown and then continuing out. 
        I ignored her little scene she decided to make, picking back up my comic book and beginning to read it again. It was wonderful, the plot line, the characters, the entire idea. 
        To give a small summary, it takes place in science fiction era of steam punk and is based around a man who hunts vampires. What's even better is there's no female love affair for him, it's just him hunting on his own with no distractions. It's wonderful.
        As I continued to read, I got more and more drawn into the book. Minutes passed, pages were flipped and then I was brought to the ending. That was the end of this volume and I was stuck with the largest plot twist ever. And worst enough I didn't know where I was gonna find volume 10. 
        I put the comic down, looked over at my laptop and opened it up, logging in and typing in the comic name, and it brought up places in my town I could buy it. I looked through them all, the prices starting at 100 on the first place and slowly coming down to being 10 dollars. I smiled at the screen, writing the place down and jumping off my bed.
        "Mom! I'm going to the book store! Love you!" I screamed, slamming the front door behind me as I ran to my car. As I drove I prayed no one would buy the copy, because the next price up was 50 dollars, and god knows I can't afford that.

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