As the world has been invaded by unknown beings know as "Settlers" Orion Wilder a lonely survivor decides to spend her days looking for her lost brother. Her plans take a slight detour though as Ashton is introduced, as an overprotective, cunning boy whom always want to be the boss. Can Orion find a way to find her brother? What kind of friendship will become of Orion and Ashton?


1. Prologue

Subject: L7

Day: 1,235

Days Left: Day of release

Current Simulation: sensory deprivation

I pull small threads from my thin excuse for a blanket and throw them on the floor. At this point it's hard to distinguish scattered material from the stark white floor, their colors identical. The strings seem to find a life of their own on the bare tile, twisting and turning until they eventually begin to move like worms. My heartbeat quickens ecstatic at the thought of seeing something other than my own arms and legs. The worms wiggle their way in a mighty small army until I blink and the fantasy I have created diminishes. I can't remember why I am here, although I do know I was once told and for some reason that knowledge brings with it an impending feeling of fear.

I have examined myself the best I can without a mirror; so far the only features I have discovered are my tan (with a tinge of green) skin, short oily hair, and the endless amount of scars which cover my body like a blanket. Despite how unappealing all these characteristics are the only one that bothers me are the scars. My hips down and elbows up are littered with markings ranging in size. Some look like cuts, and needle marks, but most resemble burns. My heart aches as I recall short flashes of the lab experiments that caused them.

I looked around panicked, hot and sweating like a pig. I was laying down in a box so restricting that the only thing I had enough room to do was breath. My already escalated heartbeat quickened as I heard the buzz of a machine, I knew what was coming next and tried to bring my limbs as far away from the sides of the wooden coffin as I could. Predictably a small slit near my shoulder opened up and I could see the faint shimmer of a needle find its way in the dark into the third layer of my skin. I inhaled sharply as I felt the cold liquid flow into my bloodstream, their effects instantaneously heightening my senses.

I began to cry as the robotic voice began its regular statement . "Subject L7 you have just been injected with serum: S.H. You will comply to our demands." Just as the last syllable was uttered I felt a gut wrenching pain on my foot, it's source unknown but still deadly. The buzz of the robot was no longer audible over the sounds of my blood curdling screams, "KILL ME PLEASE JUST KILL ME!"

My terrible memories were interrupted by the sound of soft footsteps approaching my room, along with the smell of a stale perfume. I began to panic and backed myself into the white cushioned wall. I hoped so badly that the footsteps would continue but they didn't, instead they slowed until I could hear someone breathing outside of my door. I closed my eyes as the red buzzer encaged in a metal case illuminated and made a loud "Buzz." My thoughts were scattered and tears formed behind my closed eyes, as all I could think about was the torture that was sure to come. After some time I heard the door open slowly and felt a cool breeze across my skin making me shiver. The footsteps began again, this time stopping right in front of me.

I could feel the unknown being lingering in front of my face and I tried to conjure up the courage to open my eyes, but it seemed impossible. My body began to overheat and I could hear my breathing become unsteady, I have opened my eyes slightly but all I can see are my eyelashes. I was trying to convince myself of the benefits of opening my eyes but, I could find none. It seems as though I have lived my entire life in this moment. Suddenly I felt the urge to run away, this was my chance. I hadn't a clue of how I could escape, but that didn't stop me. I fluttered my eyes open wider, I was surprised by the amount of light I could see, cautiously I widened my eyes more until I could see the faint outline of a woman's face, I was not able to notice more though. My revelation was assaulted by two people grabbing my arms and dragging me out of the room. "STOP NO PLEASE NOT AGAIN!" My throat felt raw yet I continued to scream as I saw the destination, a restraint chair. All my efforts were going towards escaping but it was impossible, I wasn't fed enough to have that kind of energy.

My desperate screams continued even when I was being strapped into the chair. I was filled with an unexplainable fear and my tears and snot seemed to be everywhere it could be. Somehow my handlers have managed to keep their identities secret making the whole experience worse. My arms burned from pulling on the restricting material, and my mouth dry from pleading. Suddenly a transparent mask was placed over my face and I began to breath in a cool, relaxing gas. As my vision blurred the anonymous women could be heard. "Don't worry L7, you're free."

With that I was drifting into the last true sleep of my life.

. . . Hola, my name is Maya and this is an original novel I am working on. If you are by any chance interested in reading more please let me know and I'll be sure to add!

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