Magic has been extinct for thousands of years. The use of magic has been prohibited for centuries. The king of ancient Dakraigon insisted it be illegal. But I am an enemy of the state. I am a Mage. *Awesome cover by Lady Tatertot*


1. Introduction

I was raised in a time of simplicity.  I was born in a tiny village called Garrigill.

     By the time I turned twelve, my grandfather and grandmother discovered my powers.

     I used them mostly for growing trees faster, for planting flowers and food.

     Now, I must use them to protect myself.

     I am seventeen and an official enemy of the state.  People say I am one of the strongest Mages to appear in thousands of years.

     My element is Earth, hence why I am good with nature.

     My name is Ikeshia.

     And I am running from my execution.

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