Daughter of the Sea

Kalandrea Jackson has lived on Olympus her whole life, never once setting foot on the mortal ground below. So what happens when her father suddenly sends her to a mysterious camp, and tells her that she has a twin brother?
*Amazing cover by Sophia Fletcher*


4. Twins?

We stare at each other for another moment longer, soaking in one another, before the boy,-Percy, my twin, smiles hesitantly. "Hey."  His voice sounds like dads...

"Um, hello." His smile turns into a lopsided grin, and I have to look away before a stupid, silly smile makes an appearance on my own face. 

"Well, I'll let you two get aquatinted, and I'll see you at dinner." Chiron says, breaking the awkward silence. I lift my eyes to his, silently pleading him to stay, but he just smiles reassuringly and trots away. 

I watch him go until I hear a throat being cleared. I turn and see Percy smiling hesitantly. "Can I take your bag?" I look down at the small duffle, where my knuckles are white from clenching the straps so tight.  

"Oh, um, sure." He reaches out and rescues the bag from my death grip, then turns and walks up the porch steps and into the small cabin. I follow slowly behind, gathering my wits. 

The smell of the ocean is strong in the cabin, and the sound of eater can be heard from somewhere deeper within the cabin.  The walls are like abalone, glowing in shades of blues, browns, greens, purples, and whites. The whole back wall is lined with windows, all open, letting the sea breeze drift through the room. Six bunk beds occupy the main room, three on either side, and all empty except one. 

Percy sets down my bag and starts to straighten the already straight bedsheets. "I tried to pick up, but-uh I was a little cramped for time... I was at sparing practice and just lost track of time and- oh I'll give you the tour. This is the bedroom area,- uh over here is the bathroom...-Theres a little sitting room over there,- Dad gave me-us- that fountain, and uh- the porch is right out there, it leads to the beach,- and- oh! Which bunk do you want? This one is mine, but you can choose whatever one you want, I don't really-"

"Are you nervous?" I ask, cutting off his long rant. 

He stops, and runs a hand through his hair. "How could you tell?" He laughs, and I find myself joining in. 

I walk over to a bottom bunk, one across from his, and sit down on it. "I'll take this one." He nods and takes a seat on his bunk.  We have another, 'no talking just staring moment', before Percy says. 

"So we're twins, eh?" 

"I guess so." 

"How did this even happen? Like, you would think that Mom would have told me,- have you meet her? Sally, our mom?" 

Our mom. I had grown up motherless, though of course I knew I had to have one, unless Poseidon had pulled a Zeus and had birthed me from his head. I shutter at the thought. I had asked him about my mother, but he never said anything beyond, 'She was a great woman.'. I had always just assumed she had died, but now to find out that I, in fact, have a twin, and a mother, I don't know If I can handle it. 

"No. No, I haven't met her." I say softly. Percy seems to pick up on my change of mood, and quickly moves to another subject. 

"Well, I can show you around camp if you want, its a super cool place, I think you'll like it here, everyone does." I nod and we stand, exiting the cabin. 

Percy transforms into a tour guide, pointing out the best spots on the beach, introducing me to random campers, explaining certain monuments and describing the safety measures Camp Half-Blood takes.  By the end of the tour, I know far more then my brain could process, and its close to dinner.  Percy leads me up a hill to a open pavilion, filled with tables and kids in orange shirts. We walk to a table thats empty, and sit down. Two empty plates and goblets sit in front of every camper, so I assume we get served our meals all at once.  

"Percy!" I turn toward the voice just as Percy does, and we see the curly blonde at the same time.  I see Percy's face light up and I come to the conclusion that they have more then a friendship.

She stops at the end of our table, and i'm struck by her eyes, as grey as a storm, and as fierce as a predator. She turns her gaze form Percy to me, and smiles. "Hey, i'm Annabeth, you must be Percy's twin!" 

"Oh, yeah I guess I am. I'm Kalandrea." I shake her extended hand, and she slides onto the bench beside Percy. 

"Well, Kalandrea, i'm sure you will find this camp very inviting. Its a little different form Olympus, okay a lot, but its still pretty awesome." I smile at the girl. She seems nice, and Percy is obviously head over heels for her, by the way he's looking at her, you would think Annabeth was the only girl in the room.  

"Campers!" The loud booming voice of Chiron breaks through the room, and Annabeth returns to her table.  "Before we eat, I would like to welcome our newest camper, Kalandrea Jackson, daughter of Poseidon! I hope you will all go out of your way to make her feel welcome! Now, let the feast began!"  Food appears on the plate before me, and i'm surprised to find it just what I was craving. My goblet also fills with a deep green liquid, which I can only assume is green cherry coke, my favorite drink.  I look up and see Percy's goblet filled with a deep blue liquid, and I cant help the smile that spreads across my face. 

"What are you drinking?" 

He looks up from his plate and notices my green fizzing pop. A grin spreads across his face. "Blue cherry coke, what about you?" 

I laugh. "Green cherry coke!" His grin widens. 

"Well, if that doesn't tell us we're related, I don't know what does!"

"Uh, maybe the fact that you are an exact replica of myself? Apart from being male of course." He smiles again, and I feel a lighter then I have all day, like maybe this camp wont be so bad after all...


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