Daughter of the Sea

Kalandrea Jackson has lived on Olympus her whole life, never once setting foot on the mortal ground below. So what happens when her father suddenly sends her to a mysterious camp, and tells her that she has a twin brother?
*Amazing cover by Sophia Fletcher*


3. Camp Half-Blood

Here goes nothing. I step through the arch, and the smell of strawberries hits me. Overwhelmingly sweet and calming, and I inhale a good breathe before gazing around. I had stepped out onto a grassy hill, overlooking cabins of different styles and shape. An old country house stood to my left, painted a light blue, with a wrap-a-round. I soon spot the fields that the strong strawberry smells wafts up from, and smile as kids in bright orange t-shirts run through the rows of berries, making them blossom and collecting ripe ones into baskets.

Orange campers are everywhere, some sparring, some working, some just hanging around, but all of them looking happy and content here. I, on the other hand, was greatly missing the peaceful stillness Olympus provided.

I decide my best bet is to go the blue house, so I walk down the hill in that direction. I see campers stop to stare, but I keep my head held high, not paying them any attention. 

The porch steps creak under my weight, and I set my bag on the deserted porch as I knock on the screen door. 

"Hello?" No one answers. I sigh and look around. No one seems to be of authority so I open the screen and step inside. "Anyone home?" I try again. 

"Ah, I'm sorry my dear, I didn't hear you, these ears are getting old." I jump at the sudden voice and turn to see a large Centaur, barely fitting in the living room, smiling at me. "You must be Kalandrea Jackson?" 

I nod. "Please, call me Kal. And you're Chiron, the activity director." He smiles again, his eyes crinkling at the corners.

"I see you were well informed."

"I did some studying when I found out I was being sent here." The words come out a little stiff, so I try for a smile to soften them. 

"Well, then you probably know all about Camp Half-Blood then. Nonetheless, I can give you the tour if you wish." 

"I looked at a map of the camp, and I had a schedule printed of your daily activities. Not to be rude or anything, but I would much rather just settle into my room."

"Of course, you must be tired from your trip. Follow me." Chiron clops out of the house and I follow him down the front steps, grabbing my bag as I go. "Now you will be in the Poseidon cabin, sharing it only with your brother." He says as we cross the grassy meadow, campers staring openly at me now. "It is quite rare to have actual siblings, ones from the same parents, not to mention twins! But I'm certain you and your brother will get along nice."

I roll my eyes. I didn't ask for a brother, so I don't really care if we get along or not. But some traitorous part of me denies that.  

"Ah, here we are, cabin 3." I pull myself from my thoughts and look at the long, rectangular cabin. The bottom is imbedded with sea shells and coral, reminding me of the ocean floor, and a fresh sea breeze wraps around it. It reminds me of my father.

"Well, um, thanks for the escort-" My sentence gets cut off as the door to the cabin flys open, and a boy rushes out. My sea green eyes meet his identical ones, and for a moment we just stare at each other. He looks almost exactly like me, from his obsidian hair to his sun kissed skin. 

I'm still staring at him when Chiron speaks. "Kalandrea, meet Percy, your twin."

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