Daughter of the Sea

Kalandrea Jackson has lived on Olympus her whole life, never once setting foot on the mortal ground below. So what happens when her father suddenly sends her to a mysterious camp, and tells her that she has a twin brother?
*Amazing cover by Sophia Fletcher*


2. A New Home

The taxi stops in front of a forest, and I check the slip of paper my father gave me for the hundredth time. 

Camp Half-Blood, Half-Blood Hill, Farm Road 3.141

​Long Island, New York 11954.

"Are you sure this is the correct address?" I ask the driver. He looks at me irritatedly in the rear view mirror. 

"Yes, this is the address you gave me." He replies, his New Yorker accent thick.  "Now, are you gonna pay and get out, or do you need a ride somewhere else?" I look at the address written in my fathers neat handwriting before replying. 

"I guess I'll get out here. How do I summon you if its the wrong place?" 

"You can call the taxi services." I frown at him. 

"...Like just call out loud?" He lets out a harsh laugh.

"You really don't know nothin', do you?" He sighs and points to the toll on his dash board. "Pay up, Princess." I fish out the mortal money that I was given and hand him a couple bills. 

"Keep the change." I say stepping out of the yellow cab. The driver retrieves my bag from the trunk, throws it roughly on the dirt, and speeds away. "Thanks..." I grab the small bag at my feet and start the trek into the forest. 

I still can't believe that my father sent me here, with his only excuse being, 'You need to experience life off of Olympus'. Thats not even a good excuse! I was perfectly fine living with him, not that I saw him much, but Olympus is-was my home. I sigh. This is some real Minotaur crap. 

I've been walking in the dense forest for about ten minutes when I see it. A large marble arch way, with Camp Half-Blood written across the top in greek.  

Destination reached. 

Camp Half-Blood, watch out, because I have arrived. 


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