Daughter of the Sea

Kalandrea Jackson has lived on Olympus her whole life, never once setting foot on the mortal ground below. So what happens when her father suddenly sends her to a mysterious camp, and tells her that she has a twin brother?
*Amazing cover by Sophia Fletcher*


1. Prologue

I wake up screaming.

My door opens as a nymph rushes into my room, wraping her arms around me as I take in deep breath.

This is how it goes every night since I turned sixteen.  It’s always the same nightmare.

I’m standing at the edge of a pit; a boy with black hair is begging me not to do it, a girl with blond hair stands behind him, clutching his arm. Their faces are blurred, but they act like they know me.  The ground rumbles under our feet. There is a monster in the pit and it’s clawing its way out, and somehow, I know the only way to stop it is to offer up a sacrifice. Me. ​I jump, not listening to the boy. Not listening as his screams as I fall, fall, fall.

Then I wake up.

“Shhh, it’s okay.” The nymph whispers as she strokes my obsidian hair. But I know it’s not. Despite what they all tell me, I know it’s not.

My father told me this ‘dream’ was a prophesy of my future.

My destiny.

But I don’t want that, I don’t want my life decided for me. But he won’t hear of it.

He says it’s time for me to leave.  

Until yesterday, I thought I was an only child. But apparently, I have a twin. My twin brother (Really? A brother?) and I were separated at birth because we were apparently, we were a danger to each other.  

But tomorrow, my father is sending me to the camp that my twin is living at. I don’t want my life to change but I know I have spent too much time with my father already.  

Oh, I left out one important detail by the way. I’m not an ordinary girl, I’m a half-blood, half human, half god. Who’s my godly parent? Glad you asked, I am the daughter of the sea.

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