Every Life Is Precious

The main characters in this book are Hailey Parker, Janet Smith, Mark Smith and Dennis Green. This story is about a girl is is running away from people that killed her parents. she is found and in the end, solves the problem.


6. Chapter 6

It was now around 4:30pm and Dennis had arrived to my house. I offered him a drink but he declined my offer. He asked me for the map so I went and rang the police to let them know that he was here and gave him the map that was to the volt but he didn’t know. We started to go walk the laundry where the door to the tunnel was. He went down first and I soon followed him cautiously. We soon reached the silver volt. I told him that the treasure must’ve been in there so he opened the door but it was dark in there so I told him to go in further to see if there was a light switch which there wasn’t. As he went in further I started to slowly close the volt door until it creaked. Dennis turned around and started to run towards the door. I quickly shut it but then I heard a scream. I then realised that I had just jammed his fingers in the door. I figured he’s get over seeing that he killed my parents and that he pain that they went through would’ve been 100 times worse. I quickly rang Janet and soon herd the police come down to soon find me leaning against the volt door. They walked in and saw Dennis sleeping on the floor holding his fingers close to his body. He looked like he was in pain but I didn’t care. He killed my parents. My heart will hurt forever more than his fingers hurt now. The police took him away. I told one of the officers that I had accidently jammed his fingers in the door so they better take him to the doctors. He thanked me and told me that there would be a reward for doing this for them but I said that whatever it was, they should give it to people that really need it. The next day I got a call from the police. They said that they were going to come over to my house and cash in all of the jewellery and money that was in the care f my parents and they were going to put half of it into my account to support me and the other half is going to be looked after by the government. I live now in a different house. Janet and Mark are now living in the house that I had previously lived in. I am very close to them now and I am now studying at university. I have learnt a lot from my experience so I now council unfortunate kids. My moto is that you always learn from experiences. THE END Feedback???? sorry for the short story but i hope you liked it!!
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