Every Life Is Precious

The main characters in this book are Hailey Parker, Janet Smith, Mark Smith and Dennis Green. This story is about a girl is is running away from people that killed her parents. she is found and in the end, solves the problem.


5. Chapter 5

After a long drive which was probably 2-3 hours long we arrived at my house. I walked in the front door and tried to not look at the blood on the floorboards. I told Janet that she should get Mark out of the car and get the maps as fast as they can and I would hurry up stairs and get my clothes and some other things. I heard Janet call my name so I zipped up my bag that had my things in it and ran down stairs to find her. Once I found her, I saw her holding two maps. She looked confused. She also had a note and a phone in her other hand. “What’s wrong?” I asked feeling a bit worried. Mark looked at the maps in Janet’s hand “There is two maps. One leads to the treasure and the other leads to an empty volt. I also found this phone near the doorway when I walked in,” “Let me have a look at that phone,” I said “This isn’t my Mum’s phone or my Dad’s phone so it must be either Dennis’s or his sidekick’s phone,” I said with confidence in my voice And just then I had a terrific idea. “I have a great idea! We could use this phone if it is Dennis’s to contact him and tell him about the maps. We can convince him to come over here, I’ll give him the map that leads to the volt but he will think that it leads to the treasure, he will get to the volt, go inside then BAM! He is locked in the volt and I will ring the police and he will pay for what he did to my parents,” I said after a very long sentence I caught my breath. “WOW! What a great idea! You are really like your parents. It sounds like you have spy in your blood.” Mark said with a massive smile on his face. So with that, we agreed that it was a good idea to go ahead with my plan. I unlocked the phone and went through all of the contacts to eventually find out that it wasn’t Dennis’s phone but luckily it was his sidekicks. We found Dennis’s number in there and I convinced him to come over. “How did you convince him to come over? Not even the best conman could convince Dennis to do anything. How did you do it?” Janet asked in shock “I just told him that I had the map and that he could have it if he left you and me alone forever. I told him that he could have the map that lead to the treasure and money but I’m actually going to give him the other map. I will follow him down without him knowing then lock him in the volt,” I said with proudness in my voice. I never thought that I could think of such a good idea. Dennis said on the phone that he will be there around 4:30pm and it was only 2:00pm so I went into the lounge room down stairs and turned on the television. I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was a photo of my parents and I. The news reporter talked about how this Dennis guy had killed my parents and that the police were after him so I rang the police up to tell them my plan. They said that they would go undercover in the street and come for backup. When I gave them the signal which was a phone call to Janet and then she would walk outside the front door and cough loudly they would go underground to where the volt was and arrest Dennis and his mate. Feedback???
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