Every Life Is Precious

The main characters in this book are Hailey Parker, Janet Smith, Mark Smith and Dennis Green. This story is about a girl is is running away from people that killed her parents. she is found and in the end, solves the problem.


4. Chapter 4

I woke up in the morning wondering what Janet needed to talk to me about. I’d been thinking about it all night. I had also been thinking about my parents and wondering why the maps were so important. I looked around the small hospital room and I didn’t see her. She had left a note on my bed side table that read ‘I have gone to get some decent food from the café across the road for us. Be back soonXXX Janet’. I picked up the T.V remote and turned on the television. There were not many good things on so I turned the T.V off and just sat there waiting for Janet to come back. A few minutes later, Janet walked in with two plastic coffee cups in her hands and two Styrofoam boxes underneath the cups. Janet asked “Which do you prefer? French toast of pancakes and latte with one sugar or peach tea?” “Um I think I like pancakes and peach tea the best thank you,” I said politely “You’re welcome,” Janet said in a very happy voice. She sat down and started to talk to me. By the tone in her voice I knew this was going to be serious. “Hailey, there is something that I need to talk to you about. It’s about your parents,” she pauses for a few seconds. “They are secret agents for a top secret government spy program and so are Mark and I. your parents were the best spy’s the government had ever seen before. They were trusted to hold and look after the maps that show the way to a room that holds millions of dollars’ worth of money and treasure underneath your house. Your parents wanted us to take care of you I they didn’t make it out of the mission that they died in. I’m really sorry Hailey that it has to be this way and that they didn’t tell you but it was for your own good. They loved you so much and every mission we had together, they would always talk about you and they said that they did all of this for you. “ Janet pulled me in for a hug and usually I would’ve polled away but for some strange reason I found it comforting. I felt like I had known her all my life even though I haven’t but she has known me. What she had just told me was something I wouldn’t expect to be told in a million years. “I, uh, um,” I was speechless. “It’s okay. You don’t have to say anything,” she said in a comforting voice. “So when you’re ready to go back home, you can collect your things and mark and I can get the maps and sought out the situation with your parents,” she said. “Will mum and dad be in there still? And why are the maps so important?” I questioned. “No your parents have already been taken care of and we have paid for all of the funeral costs so it’s up to you to decide when you’re ready to have the funeral. It will be a private funeral for you and your family. I have invited some of the people that your parents were close with. They worked with them. The maps are so important because they are the way to millions of dollars being stolen. Dennis and his ‘gang’ being one person used to work for the spy program and they were great ‘friends’ with your parents until your parents told them about the maps and then they tuned evil. The government fired them from their jobs and forbidden them to come anywhere near your family. But they didn’t listen and so they shot your parents for trying to protect you.” Janet said with a sad face. She had explained a lot of things that had happened in the previous days. “So I can go home when?” “The doctor said that you can go home this afternoon,” Janet said with a big smile on her face. “Well, I’ll have a shower and pack my stuff up and then we can go home. Can we go straight to my house?” I said and she nodded in reply. I just want to get out of this crummy hospital. After I had a shower I packed up my things and we checked out of the hospital. Mark was driving his black range rover and I had told him to go straight to my house. Even if they thought it would be too soon for me to go back to where my parents had been shot dead but I needed to get those maps before Dennis get them and steels the money. Feedback????
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