Every Life Is Precious

The main characters in this book are Hailey Parker, Janet Smith, Mark Smith and Dennis Green. This story is about a girl is is running away from people that killed her parents. she is found and in the end, solves the problem.


3. Chapter 3

Nightmare/ Flashback A loud knocking woke me up in the middle of the night, followed by the sound of what sounded like a door being broken down. I sat up in my bed wondering if this was just a dream. My eyes were wide as I heard footsteps running on our wooden floor down stairs. As I slowly got off my bed, I suddenly saw my dad run out of his room. Stopping in front of my open door he said “Stay in your room Hailey, okay?” Before I could ask what was going on he ran down the stairs. My Mum suddenly came into view, standing in the hallway as a terrified look formed on her face. “Mum, what’s going on?” I asked with my voice cracking. My mum just stared at me, her eyes wide and looking as white as a ghost. She said to me “Stay in here and lock the door. I love you Hailey.” She ran down the stairs. Things were crashing and I heard yelling but I couldn’t quite understand wat they were saying. I jumped when I heard a gunshot fired, followed by more yelling from my dad but this time I could hear him crying as well. I could understand him. “Where are the maps?” said that familiar gruff voice. He sounded impatient. “You’re never going to find them. They’re hidden in a safe place. A safe place away from you!” my dad shouted. “Well then I guess I will just have to find your little daughter and shoot her to just like a did to your lovely wife here,” he said in and evil voice When he said that my heart sank. He shot my mum and now he was going to pay for it.” “Leave my daughter out of this, Dennis. She knows nothing,” I heard my dad say. Dennis that’s what his name was. “Come on now, she must know something,” ‘Dennis’ said. “Well actually, NO she doesn’t. I never told her to protect her from people like YOU!” my dad shouted even louder. “I’m giving you one.last.chance,” Dennis said as if he was talking to a three year old. “Where are the maps?” he said again “Answer wisely now, won’t you,” “NEVER!” my dad shouted and then I heard another gunshot fired. “NO!” I woke up in a jolt, sitting up on my hospital bed as I gasped for air. I was panting feeling sweat and tears trickle down the side of my face as I looked around my partial dark room. There were lights on in the hallway with the occasional nurse walk past. It was now 11:30pm and as I looked over to the corner of my room I saw Janet. She must’ve stayed with me overnight. That was nice of her considering she doesn’t even know me. Does she? She stirred in her sleep and soon opened her eyes. She must’ve heard me crying and moving around. “What’s wrong, dear?” she asked concerned. “Nothing. I just had a bad dream,” I replied trying to sound like I wasn’t upset. “Ok. Go back to sleep now. I need to talk to you in the morning about something important. But for now go to sleep,” Janet instructed. I wanted to argue because I wasn’t tired but I didn’t want to set a bad impression so I closed my eyes and pretended to go to sleep. Feedback????
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