Every Life Is Precious

The main characters in this book are Hailey Parker, Janet Smith, Mark Smith and Dennis Green. This story is about a girl is is running away from people that killed her parents. she is found and in the end, solves the problem.


1. Chapter 1

She never expected herself to be in the situation she was in now. She was running for her life, literally. The men that had killed her parents were now after her, and now she was living in fear. My feet thudded against the soft, muddy ground as I ran, my wet clothes heavy on my body, slowing me down. My heart hammering against my rib cage was all I heard as my wet hair got in the way of my sight. I was panting in desperate need of air, but I couldn’t stop running. The fear of being caught was too big. So I kept running, the rain pouring down on me. The thing about living in Pennsylvania was that there were trees everywhere. It was like living in a big forest and everywhere you turned, you would run into a tree. Tears, joining in with the rain, blurred my vision as I suddenly tripped over a branch, landing in the mud on my stomach. The air knocked out of my lungs. My hands placed onto the ground gathering up all of my energy I had, I pushed myself back up onto my feet. The front of my shirt was covered in mud but that was the least of my worries. The men were right behind me. I could hear them running and I had to keep moving fast as if my life depended on it. Which it did. But I could hear them getting louder as they got closer to me. I then saw a large tree and hid behind it pressing my hand against my mouth so I didn’t make a sound. “Keep looking for the girl,” said a deep gruff voice causing my breath to increase rapidly. “Why is it so important, Boss?” another voice spoke, and this one sounded a lot younger than the previous one. The ‘Boss’ huffed and said “she might know something. We just have to find her, okay?” “Yes sir!” the young voice spoke again. Tears escaped my eyes. I heard running footsteps though I stayed frozen in my position. I needed to run. I needed to get out of here, but I had nowhere to go. My home was too far away from here now and inside were the bodies of my dead parents. I couldn’t go back there. It’d be too dangerous and too risky. So I just ran for it. I ran and ran and ran until everything turned dark. hello everybody :) this is my first chapter so any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated. ILY
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