Shoes ☯ mgc

she would always look

down and never talk to

anyone....not even him.

// warning : self harm \\

|| short story ||


1. 1.

// shoes ; chapter 1 \\

"Hello." he quietly says to her. she just kept looking down at her faded black and white converse and compared his shoes to hers. his are just plain black converse while hers look grey but are not. she didn't acknowledge the boy. she just stood there and ignored him, just like she did with everyone else.she was the quiet, shy girl or other wise known as the mute.

"are you gonna ignore me?" he asks a little hurt. she nods for a reply but doesn't even look up."i'm gonna talk to you everyday until you look up at me and say something." he says and she nods once again.


after the run in with that peculiar boy she went to the library instead of the cafeteria. she looks up a little to be met with the same shoes from earlier. "my name is michael." he says softly. she just kept looking down at the floor. she walks around him wanting to read her book. she was always taken to another world . a paradise for her as you may call it. she loved it because she could be having a dramatic romance or even slaying demons. she wanted to be the loved and important girl for once.

"wait!" the boy-michael shouts out for her. she stops abruptly. she didn't understand why she was even stopping. she didn't want to talk to this boy or even look at him. "i'm not trying to be pushy. i am so sorry." he says out of breath. she turns and starts for the garden instead of the library. the garden was the place where she always went if she didn't go to class. she headed towards the hill where dandelions were blooming. she took a seat and lifted her legs to her chest and stared at her shoes once again. sometimes she would just sit here and think of every fucked up thing shes done.

"since you don't talk and you're always looking at your shoes i'm gonna call you shoes." he tells her and she shakes her head smiling a little. "you have a beautiful smile. you should do it more often." she hated pretty much everything about her. she never smiled because there was really no use. "let me introduce properly introduce myself...i'm michael clifford. part of the band and of a band. i like pizza and video games and anime." he tells her. she nods indicating that she's listening but she really wasn't after he mentioned liking anime.

"here. since i'm introducing myself why don't you write somethings about you." he places a notebook on her knees and a pen on top. she grabbed the two items before opening the book and clicking the pen. she leans over and starts writing, using her knees as a desk. when she finishes, she closes the book and hands it back to him but kept the pen to write on her hand.

"Shoes! Your name is Bell-Annabelle?"

a/n !!

this is on wattpad ,, my user is @dreamingcashton :-) .

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