Sorry Souls

Julian is now something sinister. The last thing he remembers before he was cursed with being a monster is dying as a human. Now, the only thing he can do to survive is do the Devil's bidding. As the world of aristocratic England follows him, Julian has no choice but to blend in with society and try not to let the very people he loves get mixed into the horrific scene that has become his life.


1. Life or Death


        It hurt for him to breathe.

        It was a strange feeling. To be honest, in his head, He thought it would be worse than this. He guessed many people just psyched themselves out when it came to pain. It’s never as bad as it seems, sometimes it’s worse, he supposed.

        “Oh please, no!” Danny looked so sad, hutching over him as he laid there on the cold floor. Was his last time seeing him going to be like this? Was this how he was supposed to remember him… if he can even remember this after…

        “Please, don’t leave me,” he cried. Danny’s blue eyes had a cloud of gray over them like always. Danny couldn’t see, but he knew what was happening. “You’re my big brother, you can’t abandon me!”

        He reached up, placing his bloody hand on Danny’s cheek. Julian smiled as best he could. “It’s okay,” Julian whispered. “Everyt-thing’s going to be ok-kay.”

        Salt water streamed down his face. “You’re lying!”

       Danny was so perceptive. Even though he couldn’t see with his eyes, his other senses made up for that. He was strong, he could get through this. “Maxwell,” Julian struggled to call over his butler and family friend. Maxwell scrambled to Julian’s side. “Get him out of h-here. They’ll be back. Y-You have to make sure you t-two are out of here before that.”

        "I’m not leaving you!” Danny screamed.

       Julian looked to Maxwell. “P-Please, go.”

        “Yes, sir.” Maxwell said softly. It was hard for him too, even so, Maxwell grabbed Danny and hoisted him over his shoulder. Danny kicked and screamed like the child he was.

       “Let go of me! Don’t make me leave him,” he pleaded. “Julian! Julian!” Danny cried, stretching out his arms, trying to reach him.

        Maxwell only gave one more glance as a final goodbye, a moment later he was out the study door with Danny in tote. Tears swelled in Julian’s eyes. He knew one day that He was going to die. He just never thought it would be alone.

        Now, not only did his wound hurt, but his heart as well. It hurt so damn bad. He wasn’t ready to die, not like this. He wanted to die in his sleep or in the arms of someone he loved. Not alone in his own home, not by the hands of them. Those bastards! They took him away from Danny! Who was Danny to rely on now?

        Dammit! This isn’t fair.   

       Why? Why him? Why now?

       This was horrible. He just wanted a happy, long life. What was he saying? He needed to stop. There was no going back now, He had to accept things as they were, right? He had to at least live his last moments thinking that things will end for the better, right? That he’ll go somewhere better than all of this, to a world where none of this exists. He’d have to or he’d break before he was even dead.

       He rolled on my side, blood coming out of his mouth as he coughed horrendously. It felt as if he were trying to cough up his insides. It didn’t hurt so much when Danny was there, but now the pain was starting to hurt even more than before.

       It was going to be painful.

       His heart fell at that reality. He knew that dying wasn’t going to be painless, but the thought made him afraid. For the first time in a long time, he found himself craving love and reassurance. He had always had Danny and Maxwell. But even more now was he missing his parents. Ironically, they died the same way he was. That fact made it even worse.

       Over his head came a breeze. He inched his head upward far enough to see the broken glass hole in his window and beyond that, the night’s sky. The stars twinkled in the darkness. He felt a wave of relief wash over him. He didn’t feel so lonely knowing that the stars were above his head, watching like silent little guardians.

       He couldn’t watch for long. His eyes felt heavy. He didn’t feel like dying, he felt like sleeping. Maybe, just maybe, his death wouldn’t be so bad after all. Maybe he could just fall asleep and all of it would be over.

       He rolled again, this time, he was heaving up a mess of blood that came from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. His stomach cringed and made his side hurt even worse. It took him a moment to realize that he wasn’t getting any oxygen. For some reason he thought that wrapping his hands around his throat would help, but it didn’t. He was drowning in his own blood. He was coughing and heaving and grasping for air that wouldn’t come. He couldn’t think because he was so scared. His entire body was shaking. It was like his soul was rattling in its own organ cage. This was… his end.

       “Excuse me,” said a deep voice from out of nowhere. As if on cue, Julian’s body halted its vigorous shaking so that he could look at the figure emerging from the shadows of the study. “But, it seems I need to inquire something with you.”

        A boy, around Julian’s age, steeped out and kneeled beside him. The boy’s features where sharp and dignified. His face was something you’d see in a museum, chiseled and precise. Dark red eyes looked back at Julian. “I have come to seek your approval for my boss.” spoke the boy.

        Approval? Julian thought.

“Indeed,” The boy said. Julian’s eyes widened, making the boy smile darkly. “The matter of your life is of somewhat significance to us.”

        Julian opened his mouth to speak, but only blood became his words as he coughed. A drop of it landed on the boy’s cheek. The boy’s eyes flashed as he slowly reached to wipe up Julian’s blood with his thumb so that he could lick it off with his tongue. He gave Julian a sly smile once more. “You may call me Dominic,” He said. Julian opened his mouth to try to speak again, but Dominic laid a finger over Julian’s lips before he could utter anything. “No. Speak to me with your thoughts.”

        How do I do that? Julian thought.

        The boy’s smile deepened. “Just like that.”

        Julian jumped at the boy’s answer. Julian didn’t know what to make of the boy who could suddenly hear his thoughts but he figured if someone was even capable of doing so, then he should probably listen to what that person says to do.

        What do you want? Julian asked using his thoughts.

        “I’ve already told you, I am seeking your approval.” Dominic said.

        Of what?

        “Of saving your life.”

        Julian frowned, shaking his head. Julian’s eyes widened again. He could taste the blood in his mouth. He could feel the spirit slipping out of him. He thought that for a moment he was gazing at Heaven itself and this man was asking him if he want to live? That’s impossible. He thought.

        Dominic laughed menacingly. “Who are you to say that something is not possible? I’m communicating with you in a way that humans aren’t able. How does that alter your logic?”

        Julian looked away from the boy. I do not believe in Satan’s power.

        Dominic’s smile dropped to something colder. “Aren’t you forgetting about the people you love? What would they say to your refusal?” He said flatly. “What would you say to them when they meet you in the afterlife? How would you tell them that you are the reason they were dead?”

         Julian’s eyes flickered back to Dominic’s detached ones. You would murder my family in response to my rejection?

        “I wouldn’t. But the Devil surely would after my own slaughter,” Dominic leaned toward Julian and laced his fingers around Julian’s neck. Dark locks fell onto Julian’s face. The boy was staring into Julian’s very soul. “He is not a man you wish to dissatisfy.”

        Julian struggled beneath the hands of the boy. “I highly doubt you are ready to leave this world. Say yes or say goodbye.” ordered Dominic.

        Julian could hardly breathe, much less say anything. But he couldn’t just let Danny and Maxwell pay for his misdemeanors. Julian thought of the afterlife as a lonely place, not one to see Danny in anytime soon… but did he really have a choice?

        He reluctantly thought the words of his answer.

        Dominic sneered perilously as he leaned into Julian’s neck. “Your pain will be nothing in comparison to this.” He whispered as his teeth sank into Julian’s corroded.

        One word rang in Julian’s ear as the agony in his neck amplified.




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