Sky Girl

Alaska committed a small crime on the space ship she lived on. She was only seventeen so she was sent down to Earth with 99 other criminals to discover if it was livable again. With 99 criminals she's never even heard of.

“Don’t make me choose, I can’t choose.”

“Then don’t.”

“It should be me.”

“But it isn’t.”

“Why are you so optimistic?”

“Why aren’t you?”


2. Day Two.



Day Two.
1:56 pm.
April 2nd.



I had stayed where I was most of the day, not wanting to get in anyones way. All I could hear was groaning and chattering from outside. I wanted to scream, just to see what I could cause. See if anyone actually cared. I licked my lips and moved my blonde curls away from my face. I knew that the hundred desperately wanted Jasper to either die, or heal quickly. They were aggravated with his unwanted groaning and upsetting noises. I stood up, flinching at the feeling of the clothed bandages over my wounds moving. I took at step forward, then another-making sure it wouldn't be difficult to walk around with the deep, jarring wounds. I walked out of our base sky craft and watched everyone at work. I knew I probably should have been to work earlier in the morning, but I was sore. I was loosing the motivation to working on surviving. I turned back to look at the inside of the base through the curtain. I hoped that Jasper got well, just for the sake of Jasper. I snapped around when I heard footsteps walking toward me. I immediately felt my hair spin around and my chest stiffen.

"Woah, chill out. It's just me." Wells mumbled and chuckled lightly. I eased up.


"What do you want?" I asked curiously, in a polite tone. Behind my mask I was killing with my eyes.


"Just wanted to make sure you're healing okay.." He mumbled and I nodded before brushing past him quickly. I felt a small snag of guilt for stooping to his level before I held my head high and ignored it. I walked around the camp, checking on everyone, since I had nothing else to do. Nobody was going to assign me to work with my wounds. I saw Murphy pissing on someone and my eyes widened.


"Hey!" I shouted and they guy flinched, frowned before he spun around angrily.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" He growled, "I'll kill you." He shouted angrily and I stumbled back, bumping into someone and flinching. That word, I feared. At the moment I realized, fully processing-I was surrounded by full blown criminals. Children, Teenagers and young adults. Thus stronger, smarter, and more skilled then me. I was just Alaska. I had no good qualities except for in first grade on The Ark, I was given an award for 'Most Shy'. I appreciated the award so much. I thought I was the greatest person in the world. I hung it up in our lower class room, with a barrette that was stuffed in my mothers drawer. As I got older, I took more offense to it. I soon enough took it down and crumpled it. I chuckled at myself before I snapped back into reality and turned to see the person who I had bumped into. Clarke.


"Hey." She smiled. I rolled my eyes and walked away. I didn't want to speak with her or Wells. I saw Monty and I smiled before rushing over to him. I hadn't realized I had actually made a friend until I got up to him, and I mentally patted myself on the back. I didn't even intend too. He smiled at me and waved before I hugged him. He was shocked at first but then hugged me. I let go after a few seconds and looked down at my small feet.


"Thank you for being my friend, Monty." I told him almost too quietly and smiled wider. He was happy that I was thanking him?

"Who wouldn't want to be your friend?" He joked and patted my back lightly. I nodded and I realized what he said. He was right. I was always so worried about having friends. I felt like they would end up hating me. I don't think I've ever given someone a reason too.. Except the Blake family. I swallowed hard and I decided walk with Monty. I gasped when I saw Bellamy bringing in a Grounder. A living, knocked out, Grounder. My eyes widened, as I watched them drag the muscly, bulky, painted and tattooed man into one of the rooms in our camp. I quickly rushed to follow but Clarke blocked the doorway. I frowned and looked to Monty. Just as I was about to tell him we should go, he spoke up.


"We were going to help offer to watch him, one of his people did hurt my best friend." Monty spoke angrily and Clarke sighed.


"Just, listen to Bellamy. Don't hurt yourselves." Clarke informed us, "We can't afford anymore injuries right now." She added on and Monty nodded. Once we had gotten inside I high fived him and we climbed the ladder to get up to the area they held the Grounder in. Monty went first and then I came up. I saw Bellamy whipping him and hurting him and I gasped, causing him to stop and spin around.

"Get her out of here!" Bellamy yelled. Everyone looked confused, "Get her out." Bellamy said in a more calm voice but it was stern.

"Bellamy, what did she do? Why can't she-?" Octavia tried to defend me and I felt relief wash over my shoulders when she stood up for me. At least she didn't completely hate me. It seemed as if Bellamy did. Monty stood in front of me, "She deserves to see whats happening to the people who set all that up, to hurt us." Monty defended, suggesting to my wounds. It was evident that the grounders knew there would be an animal to attack us. That is why they hung Jasper. They were a smart and very territorial crew. The area they were not clear in is technology. They themselves could not defeat an animal as easily as us sky people, due to our guns and bombs, along with some radios and other technologies. We were very small compared to the apparent Grounders but we were skilled in many ways


"Fine." He snapped before he pulled out a dagger and I lunged forward, "Bellamy don't!" I pleaded.

"Get off me." He growled and I slowly backed away, "I am not going to shank him, I am going to ask him again, which one of those bottles is the cure to the poison on this knife." He explained after I had backed up.

"Why does that matter?" Monty asked curiously.

"He stabbed Finn with it." Clarke spoke up, as she was standing off to the side along with Octavia. The Grounder ripped and thrashed around in the ropes, trying to break free. I flinched each time he lunged forward, showing my fear. "He also killed a few of our people, with traps. We no longer have 100." Clarke added onto her explanation and I frowned, saddened.

The Ark, none of this happened on The Ark. It was a ship of peace. Sometimes. The rules were strict but the reasons were understandable, sometimes. The Ark was a giant space ship containing unknown amounts of people. If you broke a law you were floated, meaning sent out of the ship into space without a suit. To die. Basically being executed. Other then that everything was perfectly fine up there. The oxygen levels were getting low so they sent 100 criminals, the unwanted-unvalued people to their deaths on Earth, with bracelets to tell them whether they were surviving or not. They were, but they were rebelling, their criminals. What did Chancellor Jaha expect?

I watched as Bellamy set the knife down and picked up something sharp before he plunged it into the Grounders palm, yanking it out for him to bleed. I yelped at the sight and Monty hugged me so that my back was facing the scene.

"This is inhumane." Monty whispered but Bellamy had heard it and spun around.

"So is setting up traps that slaughtered what five, six, seven of our people in a matter of five minutes? Then poisoning one? Waiting for his death?" Bellamy's voice got louder and my hands got shakier until I heard a strong female voice, "Enough!" She stated firmly, I could tell she was highly annoyed with the situation.

I turned around, Monty letting me go but I kept close, eyeing Bellamy ever so often to make sure he wasn't going to do anything before I saw Octavia drag a knife down a long line of her arm and showed the Grounder. I gasped and Bellamy took a step forward but Clarke grabbed his arm, holding him back. Finally the Grounder pointed to the correct bottle and she thanked him vigorously. She and Clarke quickly went back down the ladder to get to Jasper and Monty quickly tried to follow. I stood watching the Grounder in shock. He helped Octavia but he wouldn't help Bellamy. I stepped toward the grounder repeatedly until I got face to face with it. He looked at me with saddened eyes. I knew then he was just like me. Wrong place. Wrong time. It wasn't his fault. He didn't want to be him. He wanted to be different. He longed for it. Octavia had that different that he longed for.

"Alaska, get away from him, he's dangerous." Bellamy warned and once the grounders eyes flickered to Bellamy, and processed those words, his eyes turned cold. Cruel. The grounder slammed forward, sending me on my back, trying to catch my breath. "Are you okay?" Bellamy quickly shuffled towards me, but his sensitive voice soon faded, "I told you not to go near him." He stated firmly.


"He wasn't going to hurt me. He didn't want too. You did this." I whispered. I understood him.

"What?" Bellamy asked confused.

"He didn't intend on hurting me until you spoke. You made him cruel. I refused to let you do that to me." I spat before yanking away from his grip and scooting away.

"Alaska.." He whispered, almost into nothing. I had a feeling he didn't like to be blamed, at all. I had a feeling that I triggered something that would make him angry so I ran, down the letter to Jasper, Monty, Octavia, Finn and Clarke. I wanted to stay away from him, not be his puppet.


"You okay?" Octavia asked curiously and I just nodded, "You look out of breath, did Bel do something?" Octavia questioned again. Telling his sister would end me in much more trouble with him than anything. I shook my head again, hoping to end the conversation there. She just nodded and they patched Jasper up. Luckily he was going to make it through. First time I had ever seen Monty smile so wide, although I've only know him for so long. I had never seen someone have a bond so close that when they see each other that their irises flicker in a way that could never be explained in words. It was a true sight for sore eyes.

  I suddenly wished I had someone to hold me when I was down. Now that Monty had his best friend back, he would be too busy to hang out with me. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Monty saying my name. Not to me. To Jasper.


    "Jas, I made a new friend. Her names Alaska, shes right over there. She's really nice. You'd like her." Monty explained and I smiled. Maybe things were going to change, in a good way for me. I suddenly heard stomping. "Clarke with me, now." Bellamy demanded and Clarke stood up walking away. He was angry. I sighed, other than Finn being fixed and Jasper being awake, we had make contact with the mother board, luckily. They had given us an address to go to, which is probably where Bellamy and Clarke were headed.

   Everyone began to get hungry and went downstairs to grab peanuts, or whatever they were to eat. Nobody was positive. All I knew was I felt funny after having a couple before I saw a bunch of bugs flying everywhere swarming me, biting me, scratching me. I screamed and crying until they disappeared and I looked like I was dying, or already dead. Bleeding out onto the floor. It was a hallucination. I saw everyone else being eaten by bugs as well, but they didn't seem they they cared, running around doing their own things.

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