Sky Girl

Alaska committed a small crime on the space ship she lived on. She was only seventeen so she was sent down to Earth with 99 other criminals to discover if it was livable again. With 99 criminals she's never even heard of.

“Don’t make me choose, I can’t choose.”

“Then don’t.”

“It should be me.”

“But it isn’t.”

“Why are you so optimistic?”

“Why aren’t you?”


1. Day One.



Day One.
April 1st



          "Stop!" I heard a voice shout from behind me, but it was only one standing out from 99 other voices screaming at the two buff boys to stop fighting. It looked like ones crimson blood was dripping onto the grey leaves of the ground but I couldn't managed to figure out who's. When suddenly one of them straddled the other. Once the guys face turned blue some people pried the other one off. I knew nobody's name, I didn't want too, only to be honest. They seemed like savages, although they all were criminals, I expected much less violence and more strategy, brains, strength. Most of them looked wimpy, challenged and not very well at exercise. There were select few that looked buff and well worked out but they seemed cocky and overly narcissistic. I kept my distance from everyone, not wanting to get killed on my first day landing on Earth. I ignored everything that was happening, the instant deaths, fights, the drama, I just sat off to the side of the ship and tried to relax. I was excited to come down until I had realized I knew nobody and nobody knew me. I didn't do any extreme crime or make fairly many friends on The Ark so my story wasn't spread like wildfire, and I never went near the fire spreading.


"Hey girl! What's your name?" I heard a voice call and I looked up to see a bloody boy with narrow eyes and stiff cheekbones.


"Alaska." I mumbled.


"Speak up." He demanded. Chill out..


"Alaska." I said in a normal voice, which to my luck cracked, causing the boys behind him to laugh. I looked down and sighed mentally slapping myself.


"Im Murphy." He announced and I shrugged. I didn't care, I wasn't sitting alone so people would come over and talk to me.


"Don't you have someone else to pick a fight with?" I mumbled lowly.


"Oooo..." The boys behind him hummed and I rolled my eyes before a buffer looking guy and a younger looking girl came into the picture.


"What's going on?" The guy had asked allowed looking back and forth between Murphy and I.


"Nothing, just about to snap this little girls neck." Murphy growled and I rolled my eyes at his words before standing up. I didn't have the energy to deal with boyish threats, let alone listen to them tell other people. I walked up to him and narrowed my eyes with a sudden burst of adrenaline.


"Don't try to justify things you can't even do." I spat angrily and spun around trying to walk off when I felt a tug on my arm and I was slammed to the ground.

"Hey hey hey!" The buff one spoke quickly trying to pry Murphy off of me but it didn't work, he was choking me to death. I will die here. I thought to myself. Finally the swirly dark brown haired boy had yanked him off and I sucked in air coughing quickly to catch up with my breathing. Once I caught up I had realized the one that saved me began beating down on Murphy, while the girl standing next to him tried to pull him off. Available too only because multiple people had to drag him off. The boy was sweaty but wasn't damaged at all. Murphy on the other hand was bloody. I smiled lightly before I noticed that the guy was walking off and I ran to get him.


I tapped his shoulder and he spun around almost about to hit me before he realized, it was me.

Here we go..

"H-hey, I just wanted to tell you I appreciate what you did." I said quickly and waved. He grabbed me by the elbow pulling me back.

"What's your name?" His deep voice asked. I frowned, I didn't plan on making any friends. Nor did I want to be a part of the drama. Maybe it's what I needed. To be a part of it for once.

"Alaska." I smiled lightly.

"Bellamy." He spoke in return and I smiled even wider, "This is my sister, Octavia." He gestured to the girl who was standing beside him beforehand. My eyed widened and smiled at her, trying to cover it up. She looked at me confused, as if she could see right through me. Nobody is allowed to have siblings on The Ark.

"What's the matter, you have a problem?" Octavia scoffed, almost offended I didn't speak to her.


"Octavia.. She was just attacked." Bellamy defended and pulled his sister away quickly. I swallowed hard. She doesn't like me. This is why I don't get involved with people, I don't want them to hate me. I looked around at every chattering and talking. A blonde girl came around with a map and a dark boy beside her. I knew them from anywhere. Clarke and Wells. Counsels daughter, and Chancellors son. I frowned immediately, I knew I barely did anything wrong, I only punched a guard.


"Why am I here? Why did you send me down here! I didn't commit a crime! It was an accident!" I screamed and launched forward, starting commotion. Wells looked at me with sad eyes as mine were blurry.

"It's okay, I was sent down here for being born." Octavia added onto to what I had said with a hint of stank to her words. She glared at Wells and so did Bellamy. I remembered the rule being you were only allowed one child. If you had more than one you would be floated. I felt bad for her, and their family. The Ark was a messed up ship. I watched Clarke and Wells become swarmed with threats and questions but soon they spoke.

"It's not our fault. We are just the children. We were sent down here too! We're just like you." Wells spoke but Clarke had just stared widely and looked at everyone. I sighed and walked off into the crashed ship, our base, before laying down. It wasn't fair none of it.


Day One.
5:47 pm.
April 1st.

When I had woken up, I shot up quickly, my eyes were wide and my head was throbbing. I swallowed hard and groaned as I rolled off of the bed. I slammed onto the ground and groaned even louder. I had realized there were people in here and I gasped quickly shutting up. I ignored the commotion and tried to stand up on my own. I tripped and I felt an arm grab me, helping me up.

"Thank you." I mumbled and I looked up to see their face, they looked like utter innocence. I smiled and observed them, worried looking, flippy hair, narrow eyes.

"Im Monty." He weakly smiled and stuck out his hand for me to take. I hesitantly grabbed it and shook his hand, "Im Alaska." I responded slowly as if he didn't speak english. In the corner of my eye I saw movement and when I turned I noticed Bellamy was walking away, out the door. Had he been watching me? I wondered. I quickly shrugged it off and returned my attention to the worried boy named Monty.

"Are you okay?" I decided to ask, if I just held it off it would eat at me. Wondering what might have happened. Another reason I don't involve myself in things, I need to know everything. I wondered if he would blow me off, as if it was nothing-but I could tell there was something. His eyebrows were turned upward and his eyes were dilated. He eyes were red and so was his nose, he was crying. He looked around before he grabbed my arm and pulled me to a corner, "My best friend, Jasper, he was impaled with an arrow of some kind, by something here-we're not alone and we can't find him. Clarke, Bellamy, Finn and a few others are going to go look for him before we decide to tell the others we're not the only ones here." Monty explained and my brain jumped at the idea of going with them but another part of it held me back. I opened my mouth as if I were to speak but nothing came out.

"Do you want to come?" He asked, noticing my sudden hesitation. I just nodded very faintly and he smiled weakly once again, "It's okay, we don't bite. Maybe Bellamy, but we'll keep him away." Monty joked and I let out a stiff laugh. I walked out with him and once Bellamy noticed I was coming with he stiffened, as if he didn't want me coming. Did he hate me too? I frowned and tears almost sprung down my cheeks but I desperately held them in. Two people already hate me. I sighed and continued walking beside Monty. I didn't look up until we had gotten there.

"Jasper?" Clarke called out and everyone had looked up to see a boy strapped to a tree with a patch on his chest. Clarke rushed forward only to fall into a trap of spikes and thorns, meant to kill. Bellamy quickly caught her pulling her up. They were going to pull him down until we heard feline noises, growls and loud warnings before a leopard came striding out of the trees and attacked. who? Is the question. I didn't realize until after it had happened that i had fallen victim to the beast. A gunfire sounded, birds flew from the trees and a groan escaped Jaspers lips. I was clawed up and down, drooling of blood and dirt. I winced as Monty helped me up and threw my arm over his shoulder. I sucked in a breath and swallowed hard trying to keep calm although it was all a matter of seconds and I was on the ground again, almost falling into the trap. I was weak in the knees, frightened and scared as they pulled Jasper down. I wanted to ask for help but they had to carry Jasper.

"Get up." Bellamy's voice grew in a low growl toward me and I scrambled to get up with the help of Monty. I felt my eyes becoming droopy and my head getting light. I clung onto to reality for as long as possible before my head slammed onto the ground. Everything was fuzzy as I was closing my eyes,

"Alaska! Get up, we have to go c'mon!" Finn pleaded but it was too late, I was already out like a light.

Day Two.
7:34 am.
April 2nd.

Wake up.

I heard a voice say and my eyes snapped open as I looked around me. I gripped the sheets where my hands were and relaxed once I realized I woke up back at camp. I groaned as I tried to sit up, the scratched and marks were bandaged all along me. I saw a figure with folded arms push off the wall he had been leaning on and walk towards me.

"Good morning." His deep raspy voice spoke. I jumped slightly when I noticed it was Bellamy. I chose to stay silent, weighing out the consequences if I had made him angry. I gulped and looked down at my black boots and grey pants and biting my bottom lip. "You hungry? We had-revenge for dinner. You can have some, as long as you take off the tracker." He spoke in a monotone voice. I looked up with sudden wide eyes and then back down at the strapped bracelet before back up at Bellamy.

"You mean I can't eat unless I make The Ark believe we're dying?" I spat almost angrily but then I looked at his biceps and I held back my angry words. I held out my arm and flinched as he reached for it. He snapped it off with his knife and it was like that. I was dead to them, they thought I had died. I looked at Bellamy and frowned before I saw him open his mouth to speak, but no words came. In that moment, he was just like me, he was lost-different, wanting to be something he isn't. The look in his eyes quickly faded as he covered up any possible emotion.

"Bring this lady some food!" Bellamy announced to one of his 'followers' and smiled lightly. "Surprisingly you slept through all of Jaspers groaning and me slamming objects to shut him up." Bellamy spoke, trying to spark up a conversation but I gave him my purest, most innocent eyes, and stayed silent.

"Don't give me that innocent look, like you've done nothing wrong ever, all of us-did something whether it was noticed or not, we did something horrible, something we can't take back. It may or may not have been recorded at The Ark, but it was recorded in our memory, and we will never forget it. You're not innocent, nobody is. Nobody ever will be anymore." Bellamy ranted angrily. It wasn't anger towards me, it was anger towards himself. He was angry at himself for something he had done and I felt bad. I wasn't good at hiding emotions so he saw in my eyes that I was sorrowful for him and he cringed. He didn't like to be the guilty party. I nodded, taking in the fact that he didn't want to talk anymore and grabbed my plate from one of the 100 people. I dug into my food and Bellamy was staring at the ground for quite sometime before he abruptly stood up and stared down at me.

"May we meet again, Alaska." Bellamy spoke calmly, although his body form showed anxiety, desperation.

"May we meet again, Bellamy." I responded just as calmly back.

This is going to be one hell of a visit to Earth.

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