Ashtons younger sister


1. They meet again!

Hi I'm Sarah Irwin I'm in 12th grade and my brother is in a bad called 5SOS. I never really get to see him anymore and we use to be so close as kids. And i forgot to mention my brother is Ashton Irwin.


Mom do u have to go I don't want to be all alone.

Yes I have to go and u won't be alone your brother is going to hopefully be here with u well I'm gone for a month.

Are the boys coming too? I asked in a said voice

I think there all coming so u won't be alone well I'm gone sweat heart.

Okay I lov- I couldn't finish my sentence because just then the boys walked in.

SARAH! Ashton yelled

OMG ASHTON! I yelled

Then I ran and hugged Ashton then I hugged Luke then Caulm then Mike!

Then we sat down at the table and my mom was already gone!

So how's school been Sarah? Ashton asked

It's been good I've had this relationship with this guy named Jake for 6 amazing months our 7 month anniversary is in 2 days actually!


Ashton calm down mom know and I'm 18 I'm not 12 anymore in about 3 months I'm graduating! I said calmly.

So almost 7months in 2 days wow I'm happy for u! Luke said!

Yup and I'm really excited. I said back

Luke's P.O.V

It's a couple hours later and I think I like Sarah but I can't tell her that it will ruin her relationship. I said to myself

Sarah P.O.V

Tomorrow is my anniversary with Jake but we did get in a fight so I'm going to go see him and see if he's okay.

Where r u going? Ashton asked

I'm going to see Jake. I said

But it's pouring rain out and we're leaving in a couple mins to go practice so bring ur keys! Ashton said

Okay I'll go get them. I said

I have to go to the bathroom before I go. I said to myself

When I got out of the bathroom I left and ran to Jakes.

But when I got to Jakes I left my keys in the bathroom and the boys are already gone but then I said well whatever I can start at Jakes.

But when I got to Jakes the door was locked and then I remember there's a key under the Mat so then I got in. I saw girls shoes at the door then I ran upstairs and heard bagging against a wall. As I got closer to jakes room I heard moaning I ran into jakes room and...

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