Ashtons younger sister


4. There date!!:)

Hope you guys are enjoying the book so far this chapter is going to be a good one!

Luke's P.O.V

"I think I might ask her out tonight so make her feel so much better about her break up." I said quietly to myself so none of the boys heard

Couple hours later

"I think I might ask her out its now about 3 lets go ask her" I said while walking to Sarah's room.

Sarah's P.O.V

"I like Luke so muc-" I couldn't finish because someone knocked on my door

"Come in" I yelled

"oh hey Luke" I said well blushing

"He said hey I was wondering if it would make you happy if I toke u to dinner tonight" he said well blushing

"Yeah that would make me so happy" I said

"So we can go out at 5" Luke said well sat on my bed

"Yeah 5 sounds good" I said well I walk away and went to my closet

"Okay I'll see u later" he said while he walked out

*couple hours later*

Luke's P.O.V

"Its 5 o'clock and it's time for our date I'm so exited I'm going to take her somewhere Fancy" Luke so exited

Sarah's P.O.V

"I'm so exited lets go down stairs to meet Luke because it's time for our date"

"Are you ready to go?" I asked luke starting to blush

"Yeah" he said starting to blush

*there at the restaurant*

Luke's P.O.V

"So what would u like to Order?"

"I think I'll get a salad what are u going to get" Sarah asked

"I think I'll get salad also"

Sarah's P.O.V

"I had a lot of fun tonight" I said walking upstairs with Luke

Luke said "I did too" well we walked into my room

I toke off my dress and...

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