Ashtons younger sister


6. The talk!

It's the next morning I wake up and go down stairs and the boys are stitting on the couch waiting to talk.

"Boys you guys ready to talk about what happened" I said in a mean voice

Ashton said "yeah" in a worried voice

"Okay so you guys can't just walk into my room with out knocking. It's rude and disrespectful yours invading people privacy."

"Yes Sarah" the boys said

"Ashton and if u tell mom what happened I'm going to kill u"

"I won't I won't I promise" Ashton said in a scared voice

"Good" I said with a smile

Luke's P.O.V

Sarah went upstairs and me and the boys were sitting down watching a movie. I paused the movie and asked the boys in a calm voice "why did u guys walk in on us?"

"Well we heard something and we didn't know what was going on so we went upstairs to see and we kinda walked in" Calum explained

"Well still just because u hear something u shouldn't walk into other people's rooms" I said politely

I hope you guys are loving the book I'll update tomorrow love you guys😘

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