Ashtons younger sister


2. the break up

I was standing in his door way crying my eyes out. I ran out 3 seconds later. The boys weren't home so i was sitting in the rain crying for 2 hours.

The boys were finally home Luke ran to me rate away when they puled into the drive way.

Omg r u okay. Luke said concerned

Yeah I'm fine. I said wiping my tears away

Then I ran into the house went up to my room and locked the door

Luke's P.O.V

I hope she's okay. I thought to myself

I love her so much. I said.

Who do u like. Ashton said

Uhh.. No one. I said to Ashton

No tell me. Ashton said

Fine I like Sarah. She's so beautiful! I said to Ashton

U like my sister!!! Ashton said

Yeah... U mad! I said back to Ashton

No I'll get over it. Ashton said

Sarah's P.O.V

It's a couple hours later and the boys are watching movie.

I come down to get some water I'm still really sad about what happened with Jake I loved him .

I start watching the movie with them.

It's now about 1 am and I fell asleep on lukes shoulder. Then we both woke up. I went to my room and asked Luke if he wanted to come. He said yeah sure. we'll yawning.

We fell asleep cuddling. I think I like luke💗

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