Ashtons younger sister


11. test result are in

Sarah's P.O.V

Me and Luke are on the way to the doctors to find out if it's a boy or girl. "I can't believe it were going to find out if it's a boy or girl today" I said excitedly

"Ya I can't believe it we are going to have a family already we have only been dating for 1 year." Luke said also exited "speaking of a year where has ur mom been?"

"I don't know u haven't talked to her for 2-3 months" I said

"Wait didn't she go to Paris?!?" Luke said kind sad

"Oh yeah! And Paris got bombed! OMG MY MOM MIGHT BE DEAD!!" I yelled with tears in my eyes

"Honey don't worry we will try and call her when we get home" Luke said pulling into the drive way of the doctors office

*10 mins later*

Maddison the doctors P.O.V

"Oh Hun I have the results of the gender of the baby would u like to hear them?"

"Yes yes please" Sarah said

"Well in 4 and a half months you are going to be having a baby girl and boy! Your having twins"

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