Ashtons younger sister


7. it might be over

Luke's P.O.V

"Sarah went out and it's just me and the boys here."

"Luke wanna come to the strip club" Mikey yelled

"Uh.. Ya sure I'll get ready and I'll be right down" I yelled from upstairs

We were at the strip club and I see my ex girlfriend. She sees me and walks over.

"So Luke I heard ur dating that girl Sarah" Katie said in a rude tone of voice

"Yah and what's wrong with her oh ya nothing she's the best Girlfriend in the world" I said

"Whatever wanna go get a drink" she said with a smirk

"Ya sure lets go"

It's a couple hours later and we have had so many drink. We went back to her apartment and at this time I totally forgot about me and Sarah's date tonight.

Sarah's P.O.V

"Where is he, he should be here by now. I'm just going to go home see if he's there."

I got him and asked the boys "where's Luke" the just looked away "WHERES LUKEEE" I yelled "

"actually I'll just use find my phone."

It told me where he was and I drove there.

I was waiting for someone to unlock the door for 10 mins. I got in the apartment that he was in and I heard banging I got closer to the room opened the door and...

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