Falling For A Rockstar

What happens when your best friends give you the chance to meet the guy of your dreams for a birthday present? The entire world will know your story...


4. The Trip

I woke up a little before 6 that morning. Deciding to not stay in bed, I took a quick shower and grabbed my keys. Because I planned on getting breakfast for everyone. And where is the best place for breakfast? McDonald's.

I got back to the house a couple of minutes before 6:30, so everyone was just about to wake up, Ben Included. Because he was driving us to the airport. 


Victoria was the first to comedown. "Well good morning beautiful!" I laughed as she sat down and glared at me. Then directly after her came Ben. "Good morning Ben." I looked in his direction as he said "What? Don't I look beautiful too?" He started to fake pout. "Of course you do! So fucking beautiful!" I sarcastically said as I threw two biscuits his way.


October finally came down, all dolled up, and I handed her two biscuits and said " It's not like we're going to Paris for Fashion Week." Which earned a laugh from from Victoria and Ben. "You never know." She winked at me as she took a bite. 

After breakfast we put our 'Airport' clothes on, as October says,  and helped Ben pack up his SUV with all of our luggage.


"Still got all of the tickets and backstage passes?" Victoria asked and I held everything up in the air for them to see. 

"Okay good, now let's go before you hobo's miss your flight." Ben said laughing. I softly punched his arm, " I am not a hobo!" I said with a straight face then I started to laugh at his sudden expression of shock. "I just like one." I smiled and got into the car.


We were walking through the airport looking like lost puppies with a lot of luggage. We hugged Ben, said our goodbyes, and walked helplessly into the jungle of people.

A nice security guard told us where our gate was and we found it easily after that. All we had to do was wait for them to call over the intercom that our flight was boarding. Victoria bought 3 packs of gum and right after she handed us a pack each they called our flight number and we boarded the plane and found our seats.


I guess I fell asleep on the flight because Victoria was shaking me awake. I rubbed my eyes and paused the music that was blaring through my headphones, the song was 'Out of My Limit' by 5 Seconds of Summer, of course. "We are about to land." I nodded sleepily and straightened myself up so I could look out of the window.


As soon as we landed and got our luggage, we called a cab to take us to our hotel. When we got there, we got our room keys and went to unpack and relax. I opened the door to my room and thought to myself 'Wow this is fancy!'. Turns out this was one of the best Five Star hotels in Sydney. October and Victoria knocked on my door and when I opened it October happily yelled "Let's go to the pool!". I agreed and quickly changed into my swimsuit and we walked down together. 


Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw someone that looked a whole lot like Michael Clifford, another 5sos band member, but I shrug it off.  Thinking to myself that it was just because I was way excited for the whole experience I was about to have. So without giving it another thought, Me, Victoria, and October held hands and jumped into the pool.   



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