Falling For A Rockstar

What happens when your best friends give you the chance to meet the guy of your dreams for a birthday present? The entire world will know your story...


1. The Party


"Bailey, are you almost ready? We're gonna be late!" Victoria called up the stairs. "Yeah I'm coming!" I yelled back as I walked down the stairs. It's my 18th birthday and my best friends, Victoria and her twin sister October, made dinner reservations and planned a low key slumber party at their place. We drove down the road for what seemed like forever and finally got to this small diner at the end of town. As I started to open the door of Octobers car, Victoria locked us in. "What's going on?" I asked looking at them for answers. Victoria was smiling her million dollar smile and was surprisingly letting her dimples show. As I looked at October she handed me an envelope, I opened it to find 3 plane tickets. "Happy Birthday!" they screamed at the same time. I stared at the tickets for a few seconds then screamed " Oh My God! you guys are the best!" We were going to Sydney, Australia. When we all got out of the car I hugged them and October said "We leave Sunday so just pack Saturday afternoon and come stay the night." During dinner all we could do was talk about the trip. After we got done eating we stood outside of the car and Victoria said "We are going to have the best time! But, we have a couple more surprises for you." I looked at them wondering why they were both looking at me like that. If you knew the twins, like I do, you would know that crazy things tend to happen when they plan it together. And it usually scares me when one of them starts a sentence with 'We'. We pulled into their driveway and got out while Victoria looked for the house key. "I forgot that I left my key on the table for Ben." sighed Victoria. October ended up calling Ben, who was their oh-so-very attractive older brother, when she hung up she said "Ben left the back door unlocked so we have to go through the gate." So we made our way towards the backyard and I opened the gate and all you could see was confetti flying and a whole lot of people screaming " SURPRISE!!" I walked into the backyard and noticed that I only knew a handful of the party goers. "Victoria, who are all of these people?" I asked, noticing my shocked expression she laughed "Ben called some of his friends, you know how they love a good party." She smiled and winked. As I looked around I saw Ben waving a us, I waved back and mouthed 'Thank You' , while he had his arm wrapped around some drunk girl that was looking a bit green. I turned to face the twins and I smiled "This is amazing! Thank you guys!" hugging them both. Victoria looked at me and screamed over the music. "Now, I suggest that you go upstairs and change into the outfit we have for you and get ready to party!" I nodded and turned to go upstairs and change. I walked back down the stairs in a brand new outfit that just screamed me. I had a black v-neck with black skinny jeans and a black and yellow plaid button up on. I also had my lucky combat boots and my favorite grey beanie, with my hair the shade of red I just dyed it. I walked around trying to find the twins, feeling all eyes on me, I couldn't believe that they did all of this for me. I eventually found them and I was led to a table where someone, probably Ben, had shots lined up. So we proceeded to drink and drink....... and drink. I woke up at my apartment remembering that Ben and the twins walked me home. I sat in bed for a little bit checking my Twitter, not regretting a thing.

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