Falling For A Rockstar

What happens when your best friends give you the chance to meet the guy of your dreams for a birthday present? The entire world will know your story...


2. Starbucks Adventure

I finally decided to get out of bed and take a shower. As I walked out of the bathroom drying my hair I got a text from Victoria.

*Hey girl, last night was crazy! Meet us at Starbucks in 10? We have your actual present*

I replied and finished getting ready. As I walked out to my car I called Victoria to tell her that I was leaving the apartment. While I was driving down the road 'Cool For The Summer' by Demi Lovato came on the radio and I turned it up as loud as it would go, getting odd looks from the other drivers, I started dancing. 

I finally get to Starbucks and make my way to the table I see the twins sitting at. They had the drinks and of course they ordered my favorite, a grande salted carmel mocha frappe.  As I sat down I looked at Victoria "So what is this present you got me?" I smiled. 

"Well, while we are in Sydney we are going to be pretty busy with this." October said and handed me yet another envelope. Concert tickets, they go me concert tickets. But, looking closer, I noticed that they had just handed me 3 ticket to see 5 Seconds of Summer. 

I sat there with my mouth open trying to find the words to say. When I started to talk, after what felt like hours of silence, Victoria cut me off " We also have these." She handed me 3 backstage passes. 

"There is also a meet and greet plus a signing that we will going to before the concert." October was beaming "So you will actually get the chance to to talk to Calum!" she winked at me. 

Calum Hood. One of the 4 boys that have made me feel like I actually matter to somebody, other than the twins. The one that could make my legs give away with just the sound of his voice. "Can it be Sunday already?" I whined 

"One more day." Victoria laughed "you're coming over early tomorrow so we can get some shopping done right?" she asked. 

"Of course, I will come over as early as you want me to." I winked at her jokingly. 

When we ended up leaving, I looked at the backstage passes in my hands and I started to think about what I could possibly say to Calum and the other boys. 

When I finally pulled into my driveway I practically ran into my apartment and started throwing things into a suitcase. When that was done I ordered pizza and watched The Breakfast Club before going to bed. 

I was being kept awake by the by the thought of actually packing tomorrow. Finally going to sleep around 1:30 am knowing that I had to be awake by 8. 

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