Falling For A Rockstar

What happens when your best friends give you the chance to meet the guy of your dreams for a birthday present? The entire world will know your story...


3. Awkward Moments

I woke up to my alarm clock screaming at me.I turned it off and eventually drug myself out of bed. Not caring what I looked like I threw on a pair of sweatpants matched with my Aerosmith tank top and quickly put my hair into a messy bun and grabbed my keys. Mentally preparing myself for the day I was about to have. 

When I got to the twin's house, Victoria and Ben jumped into my car. "Where's October?" I asked, looking at Ben through my rear view mirror. "We are meeting her there, she had a nail appointment that she just couldn't miss!" she laughed. 

I nodded and backed my car out of the driveway still wondering, but not complaining, about why Ben was in the backseat of my car. 

We got to the mall and I looked Ben. "Are you our security for today?" I said jokingly, causing him to smirk. "Nope, i'm here to tell you guys what not to wear." He smiled and I knew that I was blushing instantly. Great. 

We have been at the mall for almost 2 hours and Ben has helped each of us pick out 5 outfits that are amazing. This guy has a good taste in clothes. 

Ben ended up leaving early because he had something to 'take care of' so we all decided to leave. Walking to the car I told Victoria that I would met them at the house because I had to stop by my apartment to get my things. October said that she would ride with me to make sure that I don't forget anything. 

Victoria, unlike her twin, has jet black hair (dyed of course) and love her eyeliner. She is built like an athlete and is probably the most chill person you'll ever meet. 

October, on the other hand, loves pink, glitter, and everyday is a party for her. Her platinum blonde hair has the tips dyed neon pink and she loves lip gloss. She is built more like a supermodel, tall and skinny, and she is super hyper. 

As different as they are, you won't find one without the other. 

The ride to my apartment was quiet until October said "he likes you, ya know." I looked over only to find her serious face staring me down. Shocked I said " Who? Ben?". She nodded. 

I kept my eyes on the road ahead of me thinking about what was just said until we pulled up to my apartment complex. Finally I said "No, we're too close, besides he couldn't handle my best friends."I joked 

Finally getting all of my things together and in the car we left to go pack. When we walked into their house, Victoria had already made the living room look like a very messy closet. 

"Come help me close this!" she yelled. October and I had to sit on 3 suit cases for her. One for shoes, another for clothes, and the last one for makeup, accessories, and other things. 

After helping Victoria, October and I started packing our stuff. I managed to get all of my things into one suit case and a carry on bag. While October used 2 suit cases and her monster sized purse. 

We were all in the kitchen cooking dinner when Ben came home, obviously drunk, and having been in a fight of some sort. 

"Are you okay?" I asked him, genuinely concerned, because I care about this guy. He nodded and tried going up stairs by himself but ended up just sitting on the stairs instead. I eventually helped him to his room and cleaned up his bloody face. 

"What happened Ben?" trying to search his face for answers. But before he answered he fell asleep. "Well, okay then." I whispered half annoyed. Shutting his door I walked back down into the kitchen. 

"He's sleeping, but we should probably take him some food when its done." I laughed and added " and a bottle of water."

After we took Ben food we all went to bed unable to sleep knowing that tomorrow we would be our way to Australia. On our way to meet 5 Seconds of Summer.  

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