See You Later...(2)

The lighthearted story you love now turns into a fucking dark hell place. And that's how the story is so far. Hope you like my second book. (;
And this does have mild cursing and like i said, "It turns into a fucking dark hell place." so have common sense and don't read this if you cant stand at least two chapters of that.


7. Pokemon

Okay, so as you just found out. You don't want to be stuck in my head. And Yes, there will be many chapters like the one before and with different people. I WILL add details to them. Just let me say if the title had the word blood in it. It's most likely gonna be horrific. So far I am proud of my book, so I hope you will put aside the fact that i will writ some gore chapter and some with bunnies. Hope you will love my book. This may be my last one for good. *No, i'm not suicidal, i'm just lazy* And I hope you love Pokemon cuz I am watching it and it's freaking awesome. 

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