See You Later...(2)

The lighthearted story you love now turns into a fucking dark hell place. And that's how the story is so far. Hope you like my second book. (;
And this does have mild cursing and like i said, "It turns into a fucking dark hell place." so have common sense and don't read this if you cant stand at least two chapters of that.


5. Ch. 5 Sam’s Therapist?

So Sam, Start from the beginning of it.

Ummm, sorry but what begining?

When you first met Mr. Felix. Or just when everything started,

Uhhh okay, get comfortable it’s gonna be awhile…


I was walking down the street when i heard a girl. She was screaming. She was being chased but some guys so I helped her out of her little problem. Thing was I have never really liked hurting people, but when I was beating the guys I think I laughed a little. I walked her home and then we hung out and became best friends.

“Okay Sam, can you skip to the part where you met Felix?”

“I guess I will then.

We and my friend-Kyla-had gone to the store3 and were walking in out house.

“I don’t understand Sam, how does this make any sense?”

“I’m getting to it. Just sit there and be listening like a good little therapist.”

“I’m older than y-‘Shhh just let me talk.’”

Okay now that’s out of the way. lets get back to the story…….uh I don’t really remember how we met actually…hehe?

Well our time is up Sam. I hope to see you better and talk about progress in our next appointment.

Yea, thanks. What’s your name? I never got it.

My name is Kyla.


Hey Sam, It’s been awhile.

But i thought you left!

I never said I would leave forever you idiot.

I missed you Kyla. Where were you all those times I called?

I couldn’t answer but all will be explained soon. Go home, have fun, remember all of you friends there. Just don’t come looking for me. Trust me I will be back don’t worry.

Goodbye Kyla, see you soon!


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