See You Later...(2)

The lighthearted story you love now turns into a fucking dark hell place. And that's how the story is so far. Hope you like my second book. (;
And this does have mild cursing and like i said, "It turns into a fucking dark hell place." so have common sense and don't read this if you cant stand at least two chapters of that.


4. Ch. 4 Eli's last Memory

I remember what Sam said.

“Yea i think-ELI WATCH OUT FOR-”

I blacked out before i heard the rest.

I woke up in someones yard.

Everything was blurry.

I was laying down as if i was thrown out of the car.

I saw Sam.

She was on the road across from me.

People somehow hadn’t heard me screaming for her.

I couldn’t move. My leg was under the wheel.

I felt calm until someone-something-grabbed my neck.

I felt the light slip out of my eyes.

So I fought back with my sword.

I must of stabbed him 4 times at least.

Until my sword broke.

I felt a sharp pain in my ribs.

He dug his hand into my side, blood splattering my new, white shirt.

I didn’t feel anything though.

He went for my heart and succeeded.

While i fell to the ground he laughed.

I was scared but still couldn’t move.

H-he ate my heart.

No, not just in one bite, he slowly ate it while I had to watch that bastard.


It was Sam’s own father.

Killing and eating his own son’s heart.

I have always hated him.

that Deadly smirk.

All those people he killed.

Till ‘she’ came.

That goddess.

She never deserved a demon husband like him.

That was my last thought.

Before everything went black.

I saw a light after that.

I walked closer to realise i had chains.

I felt them.

I felt something pull me back.

Behind me there was nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

I was terrified.

I knew what it was.

It was hell.

So I turned around and walked towards it.

I may have no home anymore.

No more real family.

But I do know something.

I know who I am.

And my name is…..



~I love ruining the epic moment~


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