See You Later...(2)

The lighthearted story you love now turns into a fucking dark hell place. And that's how the story is so far. Hope you like my second book. (;
And this does have mild cursing and like i said, "It turns into a fucking dark hell place." so have common sense and don't read this if you cant stand at least two chapters of that.


3. Ch. 2 Beach Vacation!

Okay guys, do you have your stuff?

Yea we do.

It’s been almost a year now since the accident. Im gonna

do my own thing I guess. It’s gonna be hard not having him here. I can do it, I mean if he believed in me who wouldn’t. I knew he was evil. Yet, I had never cared about that. I hope he has a great afterlife.

I can hear Lee calling for me. Goodbye old friend. See you later…

        Heyy GG.

        I’m not girly Lee.

        At least im not the one wearing a skirt.

       Lee, I have seen you in a skirt before. You’re not the prettiest         girl at the ball.  

       Excuse ME Miss. Darude    .

       I can tell that someone has been watching youtube lately.

Yea i just wish that Felix could see us here.

I think everyone does… Now lets put our worries behind us and ADVENTURE AWAITS US…….


I thought we could of made it through our lives being happy and...well ‘calm’. i was horribly wrong. If only I could rewind time and let me die instead…  


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