See You Later...(2)

The lighthearted story you love now turns into a fucking dark hell place. And that's how the story is so far. Hope you like my second book. (;
And this does have mild cursing and like i said, "It turns into a fucking dark hell place." so have common sense and don't read this if you cant stand at least two chapters of that.


1. Ch. 1 Welcome to the Family

“So Sam do you want to stay with the soulkeepers?”

“Yes I do.”

“Promise not to leave or go away?”

“I won’t leave I promise.“

“Now that it’s over we can get back to our paintball game!”

“No, you already destroyed one of the windows boys! Go inside were going to church.”

“Okay…….bye sam and are you gonna change into some nice clothes?”

“Umm I don’t have any “nice clothes”(looks at eli) he destroyed them in an attempt to escape a bird….well…. a rather large bird.”


“Now there ya go i’ve gotten too big for that dress now take it and take very good care of it.”

*whistles* “Wow I guess you got mom’s old prom dress.”

         “This was your old prom dress then you keep it!”

“No, she spilled punch all over the dress then accidently washed it w/ bleach so it turned white.”

“oh. then that’s why…”

“You guys at least need to be able to make it a day or at least after church! *both nod* okay now let’s go we’ll take the van and I CALL SHOTGUN!”


“Well are you coming or not?” *eli is in shotgun*

“Oh, aww man I CALL BACK”

“oh sorry the back is taken” *Sam is there)


“hmmm yea- oh wow….this church is half destroyed.”

“oh, that’s always been there you’re not the only one with enemies Sam.”

“Get your cutlass out you’ll need it to get in..”

“woah that’s cool”.

         “There are more than the few of us!”

“Well this is all of the identified soulkeepers. We’re all hidden in places like this.”

“I’m happy I was able to live with you guys….I mean who wouldn’t?”


                  “yea i know I can’t believe you were even able to shoot a tree eli!”

“HAHA yea and i’m surprised you can even hold a cutlass after that Sam. Oh and by the way have you heard from it lately?”

“No why?”

“Curious…So are ever gonna tell them who your slayer is?”

“NO! and don’t even think about it If you ruin it for me I swear I WILL hurt you!”

“ok just calm- SAM!!!!”

(i’m the place I still haven’t named yet) woah that was weird I wonder what happened (oh yea guess who’s back!)

hey it’s been awhile…(gets interrupted)


oh...her and hey savanna.


hi shinigami

well thank you but I have a name,

(All) ?!?!?!

yea do you want to know?

YES! (all)

ok it’s HEY u listening!!!!  HEY AUDIENCE! IT’S SAGE! so yea my name’s sage. (oooooooooh I broke the fourth wall!)


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