Story review

This is a REAL story review. I WILL be 100% honest with these reviews and I WILL be a little harsh if your story is not that good....
I will be rating the stories out of a score of 100%
My grading system will be
0-10% : Do you seriously think this is a story? A baby can write better...
20-30% : This story needs some MAJOR fixes. Your spelling isn't even the worse part of the way it is written.
40-50% : This story is not that int resting because of the way it was written., I only gotten through the first few pages.
60-70% : There is potential of this story. There are some things that need to be fixed.
80% : This story seems to be on the road of being the best story in ONE theme in Movellas.
90% : This story is amazing! There is no doubt that with this story and your writing that this story will take you places.
100% : This story is the best out of them all! Stories like these deserve to be published in real life!


3. Monsters under the bed

Can I just tell you that the way you started the book was amazing? Your description is very detailed without giving out spoilers.

You tried to give us some information about the people automatically. In less than 10 seconds of reading your story I already knew that there is a girl who is 17 years old and she lost 10 grand and a car.

Although I love how you are giving us so much useful information about the characters I get extremely lost when it comes with the environment .It’s so hard to tell when and where everything is being taken place at.

 You also need to update some of your words.  I feel that some of words that you say in the story can be removed for a better and more detailed word. For example, instead of saying “sad” you can say “devastated” Do see the difference?

Although your story might have started amazing, you put too many details in the first chapter. Books are supposed to have a rising and falling action. At this rate your falling action will be happening by chapter 7. Unless you want a short story you need to freeze the main ideas and have a filler chapter.

By the next few chapters I feel that you kind of stop trying. Your story doesn’t seem like something that you can hook up on.  Maybe you need some suspense in it so your readers would stay hooked onto your story. 



Your story MAY and that is a big MAY have potential. I was not sure if I should rate it a 50% or 60% so I decided to rate it a 55%

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